Thursday, July 24, 2014

England MTC #1

Wow. This is so weird to be on this end of a missionary letter. How are you everyone??
I guess I'd better start at the beginning. First, airplane food is gross. Mom, the beef jerky has saved my life. Thank you so much. Our flight took off from SLC and we flew to Chicago. That flight was ok, I sat next to another Elder going to the Manchester mission. The layover in Chicago was good, although Chicago style deep dish pizza is not as good as it sounds. Like at all. It's actually quite mediocre with a bad crust. The flight from Chicago to Manchester was a party. 7 hours, airplane food, missionary clothing, I didn't sleep a wink. Because of the 7 hour flight and 8 hour time difference, we got here at 7:00 in the morning, so I was up pretty much 2 days straight. But that's ok! I'm a missionary! The first couple days at the MTC were pretty rough. I was super tired and it was painful to try to stay awake during everything going on, especially personal study and devotionals. I came into the MTC with 29 other Elders, some going to Manchester, some going to Leeds. We more than doubled the number of people in the MTC. There are 10 sisters and 56 elders total, so it's probably a way different experience from the Provo MTC. The first couple days were rough, study, devotionals, food, etc. On Saturday we went to the temple. YAY!!!! I love the temple! We actually saw a film that I had never seen before. It was one of the old original ones. Oh! FYI my companion is Elder Cxxxxxx. (I'm senior companion)  Currently we have 4 "investigators." Oliver, Megan, Patricia, and Jo. Megan has accepted the invitaion to be baptized, and we extended the invite to Oliver, who said he needs more time. I won't give you details about them because, honestly, no one cares. The food here is awful! Like a slightly better (sometimes) version of scout camp food (the other times it's a step down). Someone needs to teach these people how to cook for a large party. I've lost 5 pounds so far. Sunday was the turning point of my MTC experience. I had been looking forward to Sunday since I got here. It was such a relief to finally get a moment of personal time, instead of having everything planned out for us. I hadn't had an exercise period yet, so I was feeling awful. I had just been sitting and studying, and studying, and sitting... it's exhausting. It's basically the Lord's spiritual boot camp. But Sunday provided such a relief from the monotony. We still studied and everything, but we had half and hour of personal time! We've had exercise periods every day this week, and it's been super nice. But I forgot shoes!!! I've been playing basketball in my shower sandles. :) whoops.
I don't know if I mentioned this, but the food is awful. Oh! There isn't water! Just milk and soda! I've had to fill my cup from the drinking fountain. I've been spiritually punched in the face. I'm just drained. I thought I knew my stuff! I've learned so much and it's pretty much great.
I love you guys. Thanks for those of you who emailed me. If you didn't, you should. And write letters! I can get letters every day of the week! if you send them...

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  1. This is the greatest! How's the food? Love it!