Monday, August 4, 2014

Carlisle #1

So, MTC week 2. And last. Sorry about the short little wimpy letter last week. They literally gave us 3 minutes to email.

So... MTC. The food got a little bit better, or maybe I just got more tolerant. Either way, this week was much better. I don't really remember what happened. Maybe that's a stupour of thought saying I should'nt bother with it. But I will tell you about contacting. 1st, before my mission, I had no idea what contacting was. So I'm going to tell you. You're welcome. It's when you go out on the street and talk to EVERYONE!!! Try to get their information, phone number, address, social security number, the works. So on Wednesday of last week, they loaded us all onto the coach, and drove us to downtown Manchester, dropped us off and said to meet back there in an hour. So we went and talked to people. The first person we sat next to, folded up their paper and walked away. :( At the end of the hour we didn't have anybody's info. I was feeling down. "I'm a terrible missionary, I'm a terrible person, nobody likes me, Santa's not real, life isn't worth it." But as I laid in my bed wallowing in self pity, I realized that these people aren't just rejecting me. They're rejecting thousands of other missionaries doing the same exact thing. But more importantly, and even sadder, they're rejecting our saviour Jesus Christ.
That's all I care to say about the MTC. Life was good, I was happy. I had friends, and I feel like I came to know Jesus Christ.

Wednesday the 30! Transfer day!!! The day I sent that pathetic letter. So! They loaded us on the coach at 6 am and drove us to a chapel in Manchester. We met President and Sister Ulrich there, they are great. President is full of doctrine and spouts it out like nothing. We recieved training from the AP's who seem amazing. At 2ish:00 I met my companion. (I will send pictures in a seperate email). His name is Elder V and he is from West Jordan, Utah. He's 22 and quite smart. He's a musician and a great missionary. I have a really good trainer.

So we're in the Carlisle area, which is as far north as you can go without going into Scotland. I think it's 9 miles to the border from where I am now. It's a biking area, but we have been walking and taking the bus alot as well. This is one of the two biking areas left in the mission. The rest are all cars or just public transportation.
One more thing about Carlise. WE ARE WHITEWASHING IT, AND REOPENING IT! WHAT!!!!
But that's ok. It's been so great. Because we reopened it we had zero appointments set up, so we've been doing A LOT of contacting. I've already seen miricles in my life, but I'll get to that later. People in Carlisle are certifiably crazy. I've told 11 year olds to get cigaretts out of their mouths, I've been hugged by a 16 year old who was proper drunk. His eyes wouldn't focus, he reeked with alcohol, and he couldn't stand up straight. I chatted with a blind man who had a girlfriend with mental issues. He thought she was Celine Dion. I sat next to a crazy man at the library and security guards took him out. (he'd escaped from the mental hospital).
Miricles. Thursday morning. First time out of the flat, we talk to a man with gages and lip and nose rings. He was a former investigator! We taught him the restoration this morning and he accepted a hypothetical baptismal commitment. "if you find out these things are true will you be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God?"
 His name is T and he's crazy. But great!
On Saturday Elder V and I were walking down the street and we both turned right at an intersection. Which was weird, because we were planning on going straight. My comp started to turn around to go where we intended, but there was a lady walking towards us. So I said, "let's talk to that lady first, she wants to be baptized!" totally joking. But when we talked to her, she was the most normal person ever! She isn't crazy! Isn't that great! She wants us to come over and teach her! I'm so excited! J is my favorite investigator ever! I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways! :)
I've already had fish and chips. They call the shops "chippies" and they really are on every corner. It was really good, everyone says the one we were at is the best.
Yesterday was fast Sunday and the ward held a special fast for missionary work! Everybody in the branch bore their testimony. There were only 4 people in the gospel principles class, including the teacher and 2 missionaries. :) Life is great! I love being a missionary! The church is so true! I love you all! You are simply the best!
Elder Olsen

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