Monday, August 11, 2014

Carlisle #2

These emails are so hard to write. So much happens in one week!
I've seen so many miracles this week. Miracles that most people would deem as insignificant, miniscule, or simply just as chance. But these miracles are what make missionary work so rewarding. They mean so much to me and to my companion, but when we try to tell them to people it doesn't sound as amazing as it really is in my mind.
I love Carlisle. And white washing. Since we reopened the area, we had to start from scratch. We didn't have a pool of investigators or even potential investigators to work with. And that means contacting! We've spoken to soooo many people here, we have a reputation on facebook. Carlisle is divided into sections of the town. ex. We live in Harraby, the church is in Morton, etc. We're known on facebook as the "happiest people in all of Harraby" and that "Mormons are the best people and the best neighbors". Sadly, all of these comments are followed by "I could never be one". But I really feel like this good reputation is a good foundation that we can build on.
On Wednesday we were walking around Morton, street contacting, and we past by a house with a door mat that really caught my attention. It said "I'd love to stay and chat, but I" then it had a picture of a mustache. :D get it?? I'd love to stay and chat but I mustache... must dash! So we just had to knock on that door. It was the only door we've knocked since we've been here. A 22 year old girl opened the door. We talked about stuff, no mention about the gospel, asked if we could come visit again, she said yes, and that was that. Then on Saturday we went to Morton with the sisters to visit one of their investigators and give him a blessing. Opposite side of Morton. We gave him a blessing and when we left, Elder V and I offered help to an old couple working in their garden. We had a nice chat, the old lady, Ixxxx, grew fond of me and told me areas to avoid. They were the nicest people ever! We set up an appointment with them and went on our way. Yesterday after church while we were waiting in line for the bus, and lo and behold, the girl (Jxx) (different Jxx than I mentioned last week) was waiting for the same bus! Anyway, we find out the the old couple Gxxxxx and Ixxxx are her grandparents! So now we have appointments to teach the whole family! That isn't chance. Coincidence doesn't exist. We knocked one door. We spoke to one couple. They both accepted. They're related! Straight up miracle.
On Thursday we were riding our bikes around Harraby and out of nowhere a group of 20 teenage ruffians surround us. They're smoking, swearing, spitting at us, trying to steal our bikes, it was almost a panic moment. But Elder V had brought his guitar with us that day, so he whipped it out and we calmed the beast by serenading it with the sweet tunes of two young men and a guitar singing Hark All Ye Nations! Now these kids are our friends. :) Miracle.
Invite the missionaries back home to come to your house for dinner! Set an example. We haven't had any dinner appointments yet, and I'm getting sick of pasta and curry. Don't make the missionaries where you live suffer!!!!! :)
Can you do a huge favor for me??? Pray for our investigators by name. Jxxxx (pronounced Utah), Txx, Jxx, Lxxx, Jxx & Jxxxx, Cxxx & Mxxx, Hxxxxx & Kxxxxxx, Gxxxxx & Ixxxx, and Kxx. I know this makes a difference. I know that Heavenly Father loves all his children and that every soul is precious to him.
I love you all. Thank you for your support and for your prayers. Life seems to have gotten crazy since I've left, don't let it take away your gospel study. Study the scriptures. The answer to every worldly problem is contained in the scriptures.
I'm praying for you.
Love, Elder Olsen

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