Monday, August 18, 2014

Carlisle #3

This week has been a bit slow, which is honestly really hard. It's hard to focus, and it's hard to get motivated when nothing is happening.

But that's ok! Because we started the week off really well, and we finished it really well. So Monday was obviously P-day, which is always nice. So P-day ends at 6 and after that we pound the pavement. We tried by loads of investigators, unfortunately none of them were home. But in the process, we got rained on. Drenched. Ring me out, soaked to the bone, sopping wet. It was so much fun! :) Tuesday was probably the most successful day of my misison so far. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders, but we blitzed the area, meaning both companionships were in the same area instead of one in each. I was with Elder Hxxxxxxx and he is a monster missionary. He is so good. We went tracting and street contacting and taught lessons and it was just the best thing ever. While tracting we met a young man named Sxxxx. We started to teach him the first lesson on the doorstep and halfway through he invited us in! We finished the lesson which went really well and he totally wants to learn more! Unfortunately we haven't been able to catch him in since, but hopefully. Days like that are what make missionary work feel rewarding. Ah! It was so good!
Wednesday was less good. We had 4 appointments set up and they all fell through. We did service for an ancient member of the branch. Oh! We had our first dinner appointment! We were fed by a part active/part less active members home. We shared this appointment with the sisters in Carlisle, because it was one of their birthdays! So it was good. This family is from Zimbabwe and they fed us fried chicken. Thursday was awful. Nothing got done. Nobody accepted us, appointments fell through, etc. Friday we had 5 appointments with investigators fall through. Saturday was pretty much the same. But I can always count on Sunday.
Sunday!!! Elder V and I fasted because nothing was happening. I gave a talk in church on the Resurrection, Judgement and Kingdoms of Glory and that went really well. I was the closing speaker so I had prepared a 20 minute talk but I only had time to give 10 minutes, which I was disappointed about, but I could definatley feel the spirit. :) We taught sharing time in primary which was so much fun! The branch only has 9 kids in primary but it was still exhausting. We had a dinner appointment and we had Yorkshire pudding. This proper english meal is just potatoes, roast and gravy. It was pretty good!
So I'm sorry this email is jumbled and probably doesn't make sense.
I've learned alot of patience this week. With my companion, with the area, and with myself. I can honestly say missions change you for the better. Back home I don't think I included Heavenly Father in my life. I knew he was there, I went to church, read my scriptures and prayed, but I just went throught the motions. I only felt the spirit if it punched me in the face. Now that I'm out, I recongnize the little things more. I feel the spirit direct me, whereas before I just felt the spirit and it was the spirit, now I can discern direction, comfort, peace, direction, and direction. The spirit will direct you in everything if you desire it and if you make yourself avaliable for it to. Please, include Heavenly Father in your life. You're life will get immensly better.
I love you all. Thank you for your prayers.
Love, Elder Olsen
P.S. It's August and I'm freezing. Count your blessings.

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