Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Carlisle #6

It's transfers on Wednesday! Isn't that crazy! I've been in Carlisle for 6 weeks now. It's great. So nothing new is happening with me this transfer, Elder VW and I stay in Carlisle. YAY!
So last week I asked you to study the book of Jonah and to share your insights with me on that. Thank you soo much for doing that! I've learned alot from your comments and insights and it has been really great for me. So what I got out of Jonah has a lot to do with the character of our Heavenly Father. In chapter 1 Jonah is told to arise! What was he doing before?? He was on his bum! He was sitting around, waiting for life to come to him. So Jonah arises, but he arises to flee, or as we learn in the footnotes, he procrastinates. He tries to flee from the presence of the Lord so he gets on a boat to Tarshish. A big storm arises because God can do that, and the mariners on the boat (they're great by the way) they say, "everyone! pray to your god to deliver us!" lower case g. (vs. 5) They didn't know God! But wait, they find Jonah sleeping and say "Jonah, call upon your God" they were starting to get the picture, that was uppercase. They cast lots and it falls on Jonah so they question him. "Jonah where are you going, why is God mad?" etc. And Jonah feels bad so he tells them to cast him into the sea. But the great mariners, they don't want to do that! They want to save his life so they rowed hard to bring the boat to land. But the waves got bigger and it didn't work so they cast him overboard. Then look, this is great. They "cried unto the Lord" the Lord. Then they make sacrifices to the Lord. In this bad circumstance, they came to know the Lord. They don't mention their gods any more. Wow. Bad things happen to good people, but maybe that's because people come to know their God in those hard times. Ok, the fish. This is good. Look at this part as symbolism for Jesus Christ. He was in the fish for 3 days. That's pretty crazy. But look at this, chapter 2 it mentions the temple. Wow. Look at that story with the temple in mind. Jonah made vows right?? He broke those vows and it says he was in "the deep" or Hell. But what was the vow??? It talks about sacrifice in that same verse. Vows or Covenants, sacrifice, temple.  Hmm, they had the endowment back then?? What do you think about that?? Mind blown. Now we get to the other stuff and I'll be quick. The fish vomits Jonah onto dry land. How nice is that!? The Lord could've made the fish vomit him anywhere but nope, God is nice. When he gets to Ninevah, he was only in the city for a day and the people are already fasting and praying and repenting and they're humble, and even the animals are fasting! Now this is speculation, but Jonah says Ninevah will be destroyed in 40 days and they start to fast that day. I think they fasted for 40 days just like the Savior. And then the last bit, Jonah. Jonah didn't want Ninevah to be spared. I think people are like that. Some people hold grudges and don't let us change and become better. They don't let us forget about previous mistakes. Grrrrr! Don't be one of those people! Forgiveness is Grand!
Anyway, that's that. This week was good! We went to Carlisle castle Monday after emailing, I'll attach pictures.

That night we traveled by train to Lancaster to spend the night with the zl's. Tuesday we went to Manchester and had one big meeting all day, but it wasn't boring, it was so good! President Ulrich talked alot about prayer. Prayer is so great! Everyone should pray more. yep. We didn't have tons of spiritual experiences this week because we were out of Carlisle so much that we didn't have time to give very many lessons. But Elder VW got hit by a car! We were on bikes and he just got side swipped. So we were in the emergency room until 3 a.m. It's just a minor ankle sprain. He's all right. Yeah...
So I guess that's it. I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your support and stuff. Thank you thank you thank you!
Elder Olsen

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