Monday, September 29, 2014

Carlisle #9

So Carlisle. It's a pretty crazy place. I'm not really sure what to say this week. I'm feeling quite lazy about writing this email.
Well, this week was a little bit slow. We traveled to Chorley (where the Preston temple is) on Wednesday for a multi zone skills workshop. The different zone leaders and sister training leaders were responsible for running a station teaching a missionary skill. Most of it was a waste of time because procrastination insn't just a disease that high school students suffer with, it also effects the zone leaders. So most of the trainings were just put together on the fly so I didn't get much out of them. On Friday Jxxxxx dropped us. For those of you who don't understand missionary lingo, that means she doesn't want us to teach her anymore. We clear? Jxxxxx was the one who always tried to prove us wrong and she was a major headache all the time. I really wish that we could keep teaching her and baptise her, but at the same time it's nice to focus our efforts elsewhere. Saturday was a much better day. On Saturdays we have an hour to use the computers to do family history. I feel the spirit of Elijah! Side note, if you read about Elijah in the bible, he is one class bloke. :) Then we had a lesson with a new investigator who has an unbelievable amount of faith. She kept saying over and over, "it can't be coincidence that we met, God wants me to take this step in my life. It can't be a coincidence." She is the most Golden investigator. Pray that Dxxxx will want to be baptised! I didn't spell baptize wrong, that's just how the English do it.
Other than that, our week was wildly uneventful.
I know all of you were thinking, "Oh, I wish I could do something for Elder Olsen, he's just one of the best people I know!" Thank you for thinking so highly of me, I appreciate it. ;) Well there is something you can do!!! Will you please read your patriarchal blessing, then go through and rewrite it in your own words? I did this not long ago and I learned so much about myself, my potential, and how my Heavenly Father sees me. If you don't have a patriarchal blessing, if you are at an appropriate age, consider getting one.
I love you! Thank you for your prayers and support.
Love, Elder Olsen
p.s. Mang nix the mushkras are rakin. That is the gangster slang for "shut up! the cops are coming!" You're welcome.

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