Monday, October 6, 2014

Carlisle #10

So it has been a crazy busy week. Here's the run through.
Monday-P-day. We went golfing and shopping and it was great.
Tuesday-Normal day in the life of a missionary. Not really. We had district meeting which was good. We went tracting which is no fun. Nobody likes it. But the exiting thing came towards the evening. We kinda got kidnapped but not really. So the sisters and we got picked up by a member to go do service at her home. It took about 30 minutes to drive to her place. We spent about an hour cleaning her home, then for the next 3 hours we just sat around. The member did not want to take us home, she just wanted to party and chat and so we were stuck at her place for the better part of 4 hours. She got us home by 9 but because of what happened we didn't get much done. 
Wednesday-Good day. We met with a part member less active family and they fed us some.. interesting lasanga. It was strange. We're starting to teach them so that's good!
Thursday was normal. Appointments fell through, we ate curry, and walked around the streets of Carlisle.
Friday- I am convinced that rain brings miracles. It rained harder than I have ever seen it rain before. So what did we do? We tracted. :D I was thoroughly drenched within 10 seconds of stepping outside. We took a bus to one of the outlying towns and went to work. We saw so much success and taught so many lessons on the door step. :) It was one of the coldest, funnest days of my mission. When we caught the bus to go back to Carlisle, we sat down on this bus, which was packed. About 2 minutes into the bus ride a woman sitting in front of us turns around and asks "Are you Mormon?" Automatically I thought, Oh no. This isn't going to go well. We said yes and then she asked if we believe that the Lord's kingdom will once again come on the earth. We thought we were in loads of trouble now, that's a typical Jehovah's Witness question when they want to bash with us. Well we said yes and she looked thoughtful and said, "Oh, I believe that as well" What? You aren't going to bash with us? Anyway, we taught her this amazingly powerful lesson right there on this silent but crowded bus! After we finished she turned to the people around her and started doing missionary work! Preaching and telling people to repent and all that. It was great! That evening we stopped by 2 members homes and both times they gave us a towel to dry off with before they let us come in their house. We were wet.
General Conference!!! So on Saturday I was able to watch the 1st session live. It played at 5:00 p.m so that's how far apart we are.
Sunday morning we watched the Priesthood session at 10. Then the Saturday Afternoon session at 1. Hey guess what! So Joanne, our bashing investigator, dropped us last week, but she came crawling back to us and ended up coming to conference! It was amazing! She came in right as Elder Anderson was starting his talk and I swear that talk was written for Jxxxxx. It addressed one of her biggest concerns. Everything from that point on was just perfect. Conference was written for me and Jxxxxx. Sorry all of you who had to listen to it, maybe next time they'll write it for you. HA!
Anyway, at 5 we watched the sunday morning session live and that was great! We haven't been able to see the last session but I am going to listen to it as soon as I can.
Conference is like a shot of spiritual caffine. It just energizes me and makes me happy.
I love you all. Thank you for writting me and for your support. I love you!
Elder Olsen

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