Monday, October 13, 2014

Carlisle #11

The week has been really really slow and quite hard.
When I wrote last week we had a really good week planned out, but one by one almost all of our appointments fell through. On Monday we went golfing again which was quite fun. We had been going to a city council run course so it was rubbish. This week we went to a proper golf course so of course it was much harder. I would like you all to know that I have either inherited golf genes (thanks Pappa) or I have the power of God behind every shot. I am a total baller when it comes to golf! ;) Unfortunately we had to cut our game short because of time constraints, but that's ok. We had 3 appointments planned for that evening and we were able to teach one of them, but the others were cancelled when we were on the doorstep to the house, so we wasted a lot of time going to and from different parts of town.
Tuesday it was zone conference so we took the train to Lancaster. As part of the meeting we carved pumpkins! Elder VW and I would've done really well but we were given a bread knife to work with so that didn't work out all that well. That night we had planned to have a dinner appointment with our branch mission leader and his family who aren't members, so we couldn't miss that. But we also were invited to go to a part-member less-active family's home for dinner and we couldn't miss that either! So we ended up making the sacrifice of eating at both houses. I was ready to die at the end of it. I felt so bloated. I found a scripture that's appropriate for this experience. 2 Nephi 9:51 the last 7 words. "and let your soul delight in fatness." I was trying so hard to delight in it, but I felt like their was a kangaroo with boxing gloves bouncing around in my belly boxing the inside of my ribs. I was convinced I would explode if I ate another thing.
On Wednesday I was feeling ok. I had tamed the beast inside me so my kangaroo was content. We helped someone move! English houses are really small, so we may have scratched a few walls with the sofa. That took up most of the day. We had a few appointments planned in the afternoon but like Monday, those fell through. At 7 we went to bible study with Jxxxxx at her church. It was super good! Everyone was trying to bash with us but we wouldn't bash back so they felt really dumb and it was great!
Thursday. I don't even want to talk about Thursday. Suffice it to say, though we worked hard, we accomplished nothing.
I don't know what it is with Fridays but it seems to like raining on Friday. And by raining I don't mean a drizzle. If that's your definition it rains every day, It RAINED on Friday. I don't know how to describe it. If you view "raining cats and dogs" as raining hard, it was raining pregnant elephants and obese hippos. It was chucking it down! Basically though we worked hard, nobody let us in.
Saturday was just as bad. It was the baptism of an 8 year old named Rxxx. The branch president asked us to fill up the font and to lock the building up after the baptism, and because of the party after the baptism, we were at the church for 7 hours. But Jxxxxx came to the baptism!! It was so good! Jxxxxx is going to be baptised. I know it. Something like 80% of investigators who attend a baptism will be baptised. I'm so excited for her!
Sunday. I love fast Sunday. It's pretty much the best thing ever. I love hearing the testimonies of steadfast members. Almost all of the adults in the branch are converts and they share powerful testimonies.
That's pretty much my week. We tracted and walked around in the rain. I have learned loads about diligence. It will pay of to keep working. I'm hoping and praying that the pay off will come this week.
But guess what!!! I love my mission!
I love you. Thank you for reading my emails. :)
Elder Olsen

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