Monday, November 10, 2014

Stretford #3

Alrighty everyone, where to begin. I'll start on Monday and just go through the week. 
Monday was P-day. After emailing we went and played basketball at the stake center with most of the missionaries from the Manchester Zone. It was nice to get some cardio into my life. It's to cold here in the mornings for someone from New Zealand to go running in the morning so we don't go running as much as I would like to. So I'm getting fat. That evening when P-day ended we went and had family home evening with a less-active part member family. We had a really hard time delivering any sort of lesson because of all of the screaming and shouting and burping coming from the children and the father. He was doing all 3. He's crazy.
Tuesday- On Tuesday we had district meeting and I had to give a training on chapter 9 in Preach My Gospel. It was really interesting to be instructing missionaries with so much more experience than me. It really helps me understand the importance of humility. If we rely on the Lord he will enable us to do things far beyond our actually capabilities. After that we went to another less active's house and did service for this lady and her daughter Lxxxxx. It was really funny because I was working on taking apart a bed with Sxx (the mother) and Elder Rxxxx and Lxxxxx were off to the side talking in an almost flirty way! We had a talk afterwards. :) I love the innocence that some people had. Even though Elder Rxxxx is 6 days older than I am, he has a childlike innocence much like Anna does. :) Love you Anna! 
Wednesday was Guy Fawkes day. Guy Fawkes day is a holiday the English people celebrate to celebrate and remember when this man named Guy Fawkes tried and failed to blow up the house of Parliment. Because it's a holiday where people run wild, all of the missionaries had to be in our flats by 5 pm so we spent the rest of the evening eating food and talking about sports. 
Thursday we had a joint zone conference with Ashton zone. It was really good and I feel like I learned alot about how to put in practice the principles that we learn in Preach My Gospel. For the last 30 minutes of the meeting they let us go out and apply what we learned. It was amazing. 30 different companionships hit the streets in a 4 block radius. Miracles happened that day. In 30 minutes there were 47 new investigators across the board. When we all left the building I felt like we were just like the stripling warriors. It was amazing to see so many missionaries going out to fulfill their purpose. I am so blessed to be able to take an active part in this work. 
Friday. On Friday I took Elder Rxxxx tracting for the first time. Having the opportunity to train makes me so grateful for my trainer and how patient he was with me. I think that the best way to force someone to grow up is to throw them in a foreign country with someone else and make them look after that other person. I have grown and changed so much in the past 4 months. Our Savior is so merciful. He gives us the ability to grow so much spiritually but still retain our personalty and sense of humor and everything! I am convinced that miracles follow trainees. We had more success than I have ever had tracting before. We found some super solid families that we are going to start teaching this week and hopefully baptize them! 
Saturday was an adventure. One Saturday of each transfer we had 4 hour finding where we do just that. Try to find new investigators for 4 hours. We went out with a member named Brother Bxx, who has been helping misisonaries for 30 years or so. He has a way of street contacting that I have never seen before. Let's just say I was basically teaching the Gospel like the missionaries in the 1800's were. Just Preaching on a street corner. 
Sunday we had church and it was super good. 
I'm out of time and I have to go!
I love you all!
Love, Elder Olsen

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