Monday, December 8, 2014

Stretford #7

This is crazy. Transfer 4. Nothing has really changed in my situation. One of the zone leaders who share our flat left and a new one came in so the dynamics of our flat slightly changed but things are pretty much the same. 
So this week has been amazingly uninteresting. Like, if I were to send a normal email, I wouldn't want to read it. I would be so bored. So real quick, Monday was p day and we went shopping. I bought a new tie (with matching cuff links, and rudolph cuff links. 
Tuesday was a normal day.
Wednesday was normal.
Thursday was normal.
Friday was normal. And by normal I mean riding buses 5 hours a day, just so we can talk to people. I feel like it's kind of a cheap way for missionaries to get out of doing missionary work, but it's what they want us to do and it's how they want us to do it so I'm gonna do it! After that we tract in the evenings, because that's when families are more likely to be home. That is a normal day. 
I'm personally kind of struggling with the work, just because I LOVE teaching people. And we don't really have anyone to teach so we are trying to find people all day and it just gets old after doing it 7 days a week for 6 straight weeks. 
Saturday was our ward Christmas party. It was fun but it wasn't an effective use of our time. I sound like a negative Nelly right now! This isn't good! We had a part in the program, but it was at the end so we couldn't leave, and the music was such that we couldn't listen to it, so we spent some time in the hall just sitting there. Saying that, I had fun.
I feel like this was a downer email. But don't think that!! I am not down right now! I am loving being out here and doing the work. I am happy and enjoying myself. But I would appreciate a few extra prayers on our behalf this week please. I love you. Thank you for your support. 
Love, Elder Olsen

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