Monday, January 19, 2015

Ashton #1

So on Sunday of last week, I was a little disappointed that I was being transferred, things were FINALLY starting to go places and I was going to miss out on all of it. I think I told you about our new investigator Lxxxxxxx who is an Italian chef. On Tuesday we were invited over to his house to eat! He spent hours cooking for us and when we got there he presented an appetizer of thinly sliced raw ham with fresh parmesan and tomatoes on it drizzled with olive oil. It was amazingly good. 

For the next appetizer it was an eggplant with some sort of seafood thingy on top. It was really good as well.  

And then we had a really good pasta with squid in it. I don't have a picture of that one. 
Then it was the main course which was some sort of chicken with potatoes and onions. It was really good as well!

Then we had dessert. The whole time we were eating we were talking about the Gospel and we were teaching him the restoration. It was such a good experience. I loved it. 
So that's Stretford. Now moving to Ashton. I love Ashton. Ashton is on the outskirts of Manchester, but it is a town slightly bigger than Carlisle. It is close to the Pennine mountain range, or hill range if you're from Utah, but it is beautiful. It has been REALLY cold since I've been here and has snowed and rained. In one of the neighbouring areas church was cancelled because of the weather, so the missionaries from their ward came over to ours. We had 10 missionaries in Gospel Principles class! It was so good! Another thing that I love about Ashton is that Elder VW is one of the Zone Leaders in Ashton Zone, so that's nice!

As far as the work goes here, it's ballin. We have taught so many lesson and have so many new potential investigators. I love transfers because it's a great time to recommit yourself to the work. I have never worked harder on my mission. We come back to the flat absolutely beat down, but I am sleeping really well and I have enough energy to go out and do it the next day! But I'm super tired. Anyway, I was really looking forward to serving with Elder Sxxxxxxx because he had been in Ashton already, so it was my first not white wash, but they didn't have anything going on anyway so we're pretty much starting from scratch with investigators. So yeah! That's this week! I hope I answered all of your questions. If not, ask them again.

I love you all! Thank you for  your support!
Love, Elder Olsen

ps-I burned a tie for 6 months!!!

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