Monday, January 26, 2015

Ashton #2

Super long, super good week

Well like the subject of the email says, this week was super long, but super good. I think I've walked more in this area than any other time on my mission, so I'm starting to get thunder thighs. :) 

On Monday we had a normal P-day morning. Get up, exercise, Get ready, breakfast, study, cleaning, lunch, email, and then after that we met with 8 other missionaries and we played basketball and football (soccer) at the church. It was a lot of fun! So yeah! 

That evening we went tracting and then went to FHE at a members home. We taught about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies burying their weapons of war, or weapons of rebellion. As we were teaching about it, the thought came into my mind that every one of us have our own personal weapons of rebellion. Whether they be big or little, it doesn't matter. We need to identify what these weapons are and lay them aside. 
Tuesday was non stop tracting and street contacting, the only relief coming in the form of a dinner appointment at our ward mission leaders home. It is so nice to have a ward mission leader who knows what he is doing! In my last 2 areas the ward mission leader was either less active, or he had just been called so he didn't know anything about it. But this time it is so different! It is a young couple with 3 small children. It was so much fun to chat with them and then make paper air planes for the lesson. 
Wednesday we were able to do service at a members home. We cleaned out the shed of an old Victorian house with spider webs that had to be at least 100 years old. I had the wonderful privilege of cleaning those webs up. I came face to face with one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen, but I won't tell you how big it was because I know the South American missionaries that email have seen bigger ones. We were also able to go to investigator sports at the chapel, where a whole bunch of teenagers show up and Elder Sxxxxxxx and I get destroyed in football. 
Thursday was a good day, we had weekly planning and it was pretty good. 
Friday we spent the whole day tracting. Unfortunately we didn't see any success from that, but as we were walking back to our flat we met a man named Bxxxxxx, Elder Sxxxxxxx stopped him and as we moved into more of the religious topics I kind of took over and taught him the whole first lesson. He's a new investigator now so that's really good! But I realized that I've been doing that alot! I just take over and that's not right! We are companions for a reason. So it's been my goal since then to work on teaching in unity. 
Saturday was the longest day of my life! We tracted and street contacted all day long and nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. We weren't even able to give pass along cards away. It was ridiculous. So we spent 8 1/2 of our 9 working hours seeing no success. It was about 7:30 in the evening, we hadn't taken dinner yet, we were going to do that at 8. So we're tracting this street and simultaneously we stopped and said, "we didn't pray before we started this street" which is something we try to do before and after every street we tract. So we said a prayer and asked for miracles to happen. The next door we knocked on opened up and we taught them the restoration on the doorstep. Then the finance of this lady that we had been talking to pulled up in his car and they invited us into the house and we were able to finish the lesson and they both became new investigators! So it was a good end to an otherwise rubbish day. 
Sunday was another really good day. We had church, and btw, 9:30 church is to early and awkward. We do it backwards with Sacrament Meeting at the end and I don't like it. But what do you do. 
That evening we had dinner with one of the best families in England. The Fxxxxxxxx. It's a man, his wife, and 9 children. It was so much fun! 
Anyway, That's my week! Remember that I love mail! ;)
Love, Elder Olsen

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