Monday, February 16, 2015

Ashton #5

Meet the Mormons is SO GOOD! On Wednesday this week we had the privilege of travelling to Chorley (where the temple is) to have a mission activity. While there, we got to play zone around the world ping pong, and watch Meet the Mormons! It is such a good movie. :) 
This week we were able to meet with Mxxx and Axxx a couple times. We taught the Plan of Salvation and they both understand it well. Mxxx is really quiet, but when we talked about the resurrection he expressed a concern! It was about flippin time! And I told him that as well, because neither of them have been feeling the need to pray, so when Mxxx said that he believes more in reincarnation than resurrection, I told him that we were happy about that. Because now that he is faced with a decision that he can't solve intellectually, he needs to pray and get a spiritual answer about it. So I'm excited to see how that goes. But other than that I don't have much to report. It was a good week, we worked hard and were obedient, but unfortunately we didn't see any thing happen. It was by no means bad and we were upbeat and happy the whole time, I just don't have anything to say! Sorry! And we didn't take any pictures either, so I'll take one right now so you don't forget what I look like. 

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