Monday, April 27, 2015

Ashton #15

Here comes a day by day email! Hope you enjoy it! It's so important to realize that although missionaries tell stories and they give experiences of what's happened, it's not what a mission is. A mission is so much more and it just can't be put into words. All of the emotions, the stress, the struggles, the joy, the spiritual growth, all that can't be adequately put into words and that, more than the stories, is what a mission actually is. Experiences are just a nice side effect. 

On Monday after we emailed we went to Oldham, one of the neighboring towns and met with a bunch of missionaries and played football (soccer) in the parking lot of the church. It was super fun even though little old American me up against a Brazilian football star got smoked. That evening we met with one of our investigators Lxxxxxx and the sisters and we taught her and passed her over to the sisters. It was sad to do because she was starting to progress and was dated for mid May. 

Tuesday brought a district meeting. It was really quite good and I enjoyed it. We went tracting and found a few new potential investigators, but guess what, they are all single girls so we have to pass them over to the sisters to teach. It's kind of frustrating, doing so much finding but not being able to teach those you find. It's ok, I'm over it. We had investigator sports in the evening and played football again, but this time, I wasn't about to let some English kid off the street beat me! After all, America made it farther in the World Cup than England! So I beat them all. Not really but my team did win. 

Wednesday we cleaned windows for one of the members. I'm not sure why because they don't have kids and they are perfectly able to do it themselves, but we cleaned them anyway. The funny part is that at ward council the man absolutely tore us apart for a job poorly done, even though his wife totally thought they were great. People are funny. They aren't willing to do it themselves but everyone is a critic. For dinner we went over to Mxxx and Axxx's for a cook out with some other members. That went well even though Mxxx wouldn't talk about the Gospel and had a beer in his hand the whole time. Later we went to this members home to teach Axxx. We taught about eternal marriage and temples and family history. It actually went really well and we had great fellowshippers there. Axxx is in a sticky situation so she's stuck where she is until Mxxx gets a job so they can either get married or move out. 

Thursday I got to use a jack hammer to rip apart a brick wall! That was a lot of fun! But that's about it. 

Friday we went finding and tracting all day and got nada.

Saturday was similar to Friday, But we were able to see a less active in the evening and that lesson went really well. 

And Sunday! We met a really interesting man after church. He was homeless for 7 years but now he's trying to develop his relationship with God! So we're meeting with him on Thursday. 

Which brings us to now. Now I'm writing this, about to attach to one picture that I took this week, and then I'm out. 
So long! Have a great week!
Love, Elder Olsen

What's wrong with this picture?!

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