Monday, May 4, 2015

Ashton #16

It has been such a good week. I've been super excited to write and tell you all about it! Everything is going really well here in the motherland, I'm happy, spring is in the air, and the gospel is being spread.

So on Monday, after emailing I went to the mission home and hung out with President and Sister Ulrich, and Elder VW and his companion. 

There we are! We had a lot of fun and it was a good reunion. :)

Oh I need to tell you about this man we met! We actually first met him a few weeks ago, just on the street. He has stringy long hair, looks like he's been wearing the same clothing for years, smells like a barn drenched in alcohol, and hears voices. We met him again this week, and sure enough he smelled the same, was wearing the same clothes, and still hearing the voices. The smart little boys that we are, we started to ask questions about himself. Come to find out he was homeless for 13 years but that stint ended when he found a faith in God. He's been hearing voices for 11 months straight, they keep him awake at night so every single night he drinks himself to sleep. He used to use heroin but it's to expensive. So we teach him there on the street, about the book of Mormon, about the Priesthood, etc. He said he wanted a blessing. Takling every precaution in the book, a few days later we went to his home and administered a blessing to him. He was incredibly greatful and apparently it's "an honor to stand in our presence." Anyway, we're going to go back this week, but there is no way we are going back into his house without a fellowshipper. Crazy people. That was fun. 

The other big news that I have to share is that on Saturday we had a mission wide meeting where Elder Allen, the man in charge of missionary work, and Elder Dyches of the 70 trained us on how to use iPads! But did we get them? Nope! still more procrastination. Not sure what they are waiting on exactly. There are a lot of details that are involved in the iPads, and they told us a lot of what we would be able to do, but most of the training was more on being pure in heart and having integrity than anything else. The biggest and strongest filter is your personal integrity. I'm super excited for the time in the who knows how distant future that we will be able to proselyte online and use the iPads. If you have questions about logistics or anything involving what we will be able to do. Send me an email because I can't cover everything in this letter. 

Hey, I love you all! You're the best, one more picture to send you on your way. :) It's spring!


We have been asking Taylor for pictures of his flat in Ashton:

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