Monday, June 15, 2015

Ashton #22

Hello all! Get ready for the big news! 

So this week there was a few small changes in the mission, missionaries went home to go to school, and as a result of the shuffle we ended up in a trio! Elder Lxxxxx is Elder Bxxxxxx's and my new companion. He was already serving in Ashton, but in the 2nd ward. He is from Switzerland and he's hilarious. Such a goon, and a good misisonary. 

This is us! Celebrating the occasion.

So last week for Preparation day we went to Manchester City Center. Elder Bxxxxxx hit his 8 month mark and so some people in his group got together for a reunion of sorts. It was pretty fun! I got to see Elder Rxxxx again and catch up with some other missionaries as well. We went to a all you can eat place and cleared it out. Good times. :)

Tuesday was an interesting day. Late last week they called a mission wide conference and that was on Tuesday. So it was pretty late notice, but it was a really good meeting. Mission wide conferences are kind of a big deal here. It only happens about once every 2 years, but here we are, with 2 in the last month. They talked a lot about policies and procedures, both general and relating to iPads. I can see why they needed to do it, over time, just like the apostacy, things get distorted and nobody is really sure what the actual rules are, so it was a good refresher. The spirit was super powerful. Wow. I was mentally drained after that. It was crazy. 

Wednesday was the first day in the trio. It was... different. It took us a while to figure out how things were going to work with street contacting. I mean, it's pretty intimidating to have 3 people in white shirts stopping you on the street. So it was a bit different. But we got it figured out. 

The rest of the week, except for Saturday and Sunday were pretty similar. We asked President Ulrich how he wanted us to tract, and he told us to explore different options, so we tried all 3 of us at the door, we tried 1 person at 3 doors, we tried 2 and 1, but it just didn't feel right. There is a reason the scriptures say "preach the gospel two by two" it didn't feel right knocking a door by myself. 

Saturday was a really weird day. There was a Stake 5-a-side football (soccer) tournament going down, and we were going to skip it. But when we spoke with president he told us to get investigators and go participate in it! So it was a bit different. We spent the majority of the day playing football. It was really fun, but it almost felt like we were taking a break from misisonary work, even though President told us to do it. We were the team that made everyone else feel good about themselves. :) But the good thing that came from it is that some of the investigators that came also came to church on Sunday!

Oh! I forgot to mention. With the change-up that happened, we are covering both wards now, Ashton 1 and Ashton 2.

Sunday evening was another Stake activity. It was a stake showing of Meet the Mormons. They haven't released it until now over here, so it was the first time everyone had seen it. Dang, that movie is so good. :) 

So there you have it folks! Here's another picture just because. 

Love you!
Elder Olsen

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