Monday, June 22, 2015

Ashton #23

Well another week has gone by and here we are again!
Does the time go by as quickly for you as it does for me? It's ridiculous how fast it goes. 

Well I'm kind of in a reminiscing mood right now. Last night I got a call telling me that I was being transferred, so I've been thinking back over the time that I've spent here in Ashton. What I've done with the opportunities that the Lord has given me, how effectively I've used my time, really just trying to judge what impact I've made on the area. 

I'm been in Ashton for about 5 months now. It's become my home away from home. I've made friends that will be with me forever. I've had experiences that have changed who I am and who I want to be. And I've come to know my Savior in a very real and intimate way. 

I know God is there. He loves each of us. Jesus Christ is our Savior. A week ago Elder Lxxxxxx met a lady on the bus named Lxxx. She was the only one on the bus besides us. We taught her this week on Wednesday. I'm sorry to say that it's taken me this long to do, I guess It's all part of the process, but during this lesson I completely turned myself over to God. I didn't search my brain for things to say, I relied on inspiration and revelation. Teaching this way to one of the most prepared people I've ever met was incredible. I felt such charity towards her. I could feel a portion of God's love towards this lady that I had never met before. God's love is real and it's a powerful thing. 

This week has been filled with opposition. Satan does a dang good job at doing his thing. But the Priesthood is very real and very powerful.

This week we met a young man named Mxxx on the street. He is about 21 and he's grown up with religion as an on and off thing in his life. It was one of the most interesting contacts I've ever seen, because we stopped him, but then he directed the conversation after that. He told us that about 2 weeks ago he had a dream. He explained the dream to us, all the while the weirdest thing happened. Heavenly Father blessed my companions and I each with the spiritual gift to interpret. It was amazing. He told us his interpretation of the dream, which was exactly right, and he told us that he viewed our meeting as a sign from God. He wanted to know more about what we share and he is so prepared. I don't know how to say this adequately! God loves his children and he is hastening his work! I love to see this and be a part of it!

Well I'm getting transferred to Warrington on Wednesday. It's in Liverpool zone so I'll be able to see a part of England I haven't seen before. I'm super excited!

Well I love each of you. 
Love, Taylor

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