Monday, June 29, 2015

Warrington #1

I hope everyone is doing well and is happy, enjoying their summer!
I've been experiencing a heat wave of sorts, it's just really hot all
of a sudden, but what makes it worse is it's just humid. I feel like
such an English person right now. No matter what the weather I find
something to complain about. I'm becoming such a cynical person!
That's not good! But overall it was a good week.

Monday through Wednesday was the last few days in Ashton. It was good!
We saw a few members that I had gotten especially close to. It was
pretty good. I guess it was closure of sorts. I did my very best in
Ashton. I changed and grew so much during that time and I left the
area better than I found it. Ashton was a success for me.

Ok so transfers! Everybody who gets transferred makes their way to the
Manchester stake centre and there is a meeting where the incoming
missionaries are introduced and the departing missionaries give their
testimonies. It was a different transfer meeting than I have ever been
to. Everything was the same, but it was the meeting when a few friends
went home. So that was different. It hit me that I'm not a baby in the
mission any more!

So I met my new companion, Elder Hxxxx from Finland! He's a short
little man who is about as American as foreigners go. He served in the
Finnish army for a year as a sniper. He loves ice hockey and ice
cream. He's fun to be around and still has great faith. I'm super
excited to serve with him!

We had a pretty normal few days after that, but we walked super far
because at the end of the month we didn't have enough funds to buy our
bus pass and the office was slow with getting money to us. Friday
evening was a church ball game against another ward. We got to play
because we had investigators come, and even though it was soccer it
followed every stereotype of church all games. It was incredibly
competitive and kind of scary. It's amazing how intense people get in
these games.

Saturday was great. We had a stake helping hands service day. It was
the first one I've been involved in and I really enjoyed it. We worked
in a cemetery cleaning it up and general maintenance, but there was a
3 acre section that was overgrown. It was literally a forest. 70 year
old trees were growing all around these old tombstones and it was our
job to take them all out. It was a lot of hard work and fun. I was so
sore at church the next day. But it was good!

Well sorry this isn't super long. It was the first time I've done all
my emailing on the iPad and it's slower. But I'll throw some pictures
on here just for fun.
Love you!
Elder Olsen

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