Monday, August 10, 2015

Birkenhead #1

With transfers happening this week, it seemed to be extra long but it was really good overall. I love this new area that I'm in! So a little bit about my companion. His name is Elder Sxxxxx. He is from Spanish Fork UT. He has been on his mission for 8 weeks. He's great. We get along so well and have already made each other brothers. He is an amazing pianist. He works hard and he pushes me. He is exactly obedient. It is so nice to have obedient companions. It takes away so much work and stress when they have the same goals as you. President told us to "jump out of bed" in the morning. And so every morning at 6:25 when the alarm goes off he and I stand up in our beds and then jump out! With the iPads and some missionary's disobedience the mission rules are incredibly tight right now, so we have to play fun games like that with the rules or else we will go nuts. We have a lot of fun and we work super hard. It's been great to have a fresh start, It's my favorite thing about transfers, that new beginning. 

So the area that I'm in right now is Moreton ward, but I'm living and working in the Wirral. Which is a peninsula east of Liverpool. Elder Sxxxxx and I are the only missionaries on the Wirral, and so it's up to us to spread the Gospel to the 400,000 people who live within the ward boundaries. Bring it on.

I've only been here for a short period of time, but one thing that I've seen so far is how much the hand of God is involved in the work here. With so many people and such a big area people are led to us. We have some solid investigators, and Elder Sxxxxx and I think that we could potentially have 6 baptisms this transfer. But in order to achieve that it's going to take miracles. Please, please pray for us. Pray that we will teach by the spirit, and that we will be able to find new investigators who will quickly progress towards baptism. 

This week we taught Hxxxxx. He is from the middle east, but he is a Christian and he loves the Book of Mormon. We taught him the plan of salvation and he accepted everything. He wants to be baptised, but he has some issues with the word of wisdom that we have to get over first. But I'm super excited for him!

On Saturday morning I woke up and there was a text on the phone. It was from a former investigator who was regretting her decision to quit investigating and was wondering if we could come and teach her! It was a great miracle to see, she hadn't had any contact with the missionaries in a year. 

Well I think that's it from me! I sure love you and pray for you!  Thanks for doing the same for me.
Love, Taylor

Here is a bit more information about Taylor's area:

Chester zone covers the entire part of Wales that is in our mission as well as Birkenhead and Runcorn. Zone meetings will be held in Rhyl.
If you look at the map there is a little peninsula east of Liverpool. That's called the Wirral. Elder Sxxxxx and I are the only set of missionaries to cover the entire Wirral. It has about 400,000 people. It's called the Moreton ward but we meet in Birkenhead.  I live in Birkenhead as well. The area is massive. We take trains all the time to get around.  So it used to have two wards in the Wirral, Moreton and Birkenhead. They had two churches as well, but because of decreasing members they had to combine them. They first met at the Moreton Chapel which is why it's the Moreton ward, but they outgrew the church so then they moved to Birkenhead church.  

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