Monday, August 24, 2015

Birkenhead #3

Hey ya'll!
Man, the time just goes way to fast. This needs to stop. I feel like I was just sat here at this computer yesterday, but it's been a whole week. 

But it has been a really good week. On P-day last week we went to the New Brighton beach and took pictures! For those of you who can't be bothered to find it on a map it's north of where I am, and it looks out across the Irish Sea. :) It was a good day. We had fun but we didn't go down onto the beach because we were in proselyting clothes. I know, sorry excuse. But it was a beautiful day. 

Tuesday was good too! We found two new investigators! We went by a media referral from months ago that had never been contacted, and they were in! And they were actually interested and wanted to learn more! What?! So that's how we met Cxxx and Txxxxxx. They are together and have a child, and were just firing questions at us left and right. Many people think that England, and I guess Europe in general is dead to missionary work. I don't think it's dead so much as slow. But the Lord has promised to hasten his work and it's coming! Missionary work is the best. Ya'll should be jealous. 

Wednesday: Another great day! I went to Wales. The place that's next to England. We had a zone meeting in a Welsh town called Rhyl. Wales is like England but with a funny language below all of the English signs. While there we had interviews with President. I love that man. He's great. We had a good talk about doctrine and the like. I asked him how I could be sure that the changes that I was making on my mission would be lasting changes to my nature rather than just temporary changes to my behavior. What he said was something that I think I already knew, but It's always nice to have someone like him tell you. He said that If I was really understanding the changes and the doctrines than my nature would change. It's the understanding and the application of it that changes nature. It's just the application that changes behavior. It was good. 

On Thursday we had one of the best ward missionary meetings I've ever been to. It was the first one on my mission where the ward missionaries came to it and it was super productive. Several of the ward missionaries are recent converts, so it's great to have them in their first callings and being super motivated about the work. 

Friday we spent the day getting wet. That was so much fun! Rain is one of those things that when your stuck in it you either laugh or cry. Crying gives me a headache so I choose to laugh. So we had so much fun dancing and talking to people. Everyone thought we were absolutely bonkers but hey! who cares! If it gets them to stop and talk to us I'll do a lot of things! 

Saturday. Oh Saturday. We went to a part of the area that neither of us had ever been to before. It's called Heswall and it's a little out of the way, but it was great! We went tracting there and nobody knew about us, and everyone was nice! It was like we had stepped back in time, everyone opened their door and treated us with courtesy. And they had never heard of anyone knocking on  your door to share religion with you! It was weird but we had some really nice conversations and a really good time. That evening was a first for me. The ward decided a few weeks back that they were going to put on a play and that the missionaries were going to be involved. And then Saturday night was the production. It came together remarkably well for the amount of preparation that it had, and we had a lot of fun playing the missionaries in it. I forgot my lines at one point though, so I had some ad lib banter with someone instead. But I think it was better than what I was supposed to say anyway. :)

Sunday was great. I woke up happy and excited for church. I just love the sacrament and it was amazing. That evening we were in the middle of a dinner appointment when we got a phone call. Then another. Then another. Then a text. Turns out another member thought we were coming over for dinner at their house that night! And they didn't make it easy for us. Guilt tripping us and everything. It was nuts. But all is well in Zion. We ate 2 dinners. 

And now here I am at the end of this letter. Thank you all for being great. You're all stars if you still read these. 

Love you!
Elder Olsen

So last Monday after emailing we went to the beach! And we were on the boardwalk, walking along and I tell Elder Sxxxxx "take a picture of that log, you could probably convince your family it's a dead seal or something." Later that night elder Sxxxxx was looking at his pictures and he zoomed in on this piece of log that had washed up on the beach, and he sees that it's not a log. It's a dead creature. Look closely! You can totally see the teeth!

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