Monday, August 3, 2015

Warrington #6

Good Morning!

Another good week is in the books here in the motherland. And it really has been a good one. Before I get into what's happened this week I'll let you know what's happening with transfers! Well I've been in Warrington for six weeks now and I won't be here any longer. I've been called to go to Moreton, which is on the coast next to Liverpool! This will be an adventure for sure, the people in Liverpool have what's called the Scouse accent, which is incredibly hard to understand. It sounds like they try to combine German and English, and they speak with a higher pitch. It's very back of your throat type, and they speak fast as well. I'm super excited but disappointed at the same time. 6 weeks is not very long in an area, I feel like I was just settling in and then they go and yank me out! I'll be serving with Elder Sxxxxx, I've never met him I don't know anything about him other than this is going to be his 2nd transfer in the mission, so I will be follow up training him! I hear he is a great man and that good things are happening in that area. My district has the zone leaders in it, so just a bit of extra pressure there! It's going to be hard to leave Elder Hxxxxx. He and I have become good friends and we both feel robbed a little, but I think my replacement here in Warrington will be good for Elder Hxxxxx.

It will be strange to be so close to Liverpool, because I'm not in the Liverpool zone anymore! I'm in the Chester zone which means that my zone meetings will be held in... Wales! I'm super excited! There are 7 zones in the mission, each zone being 1 stake. There have only been 1 or 2 missionaries in the last 3 years to serve in all 7 zones, I think I might make it! I've had 5 areas and been in 5 zones, so I'm getting a pretty good spread across the mission! Only 2 more to go!

Alrighty! Well Monday was a chill P-day. We didn't do anything to exciting. I cut my hair and Elder Hxxxxx got his hair cut. Then we went straight to the church to email. We didn't have money to shop last week because it was the end of the month and we were poor money managers this time around. So we emailed then played ping pong and pool at the church.

Tuesday was district meeting. Man, the mission is tightening up the iPad rules. Some of the missionaries are being dodgey, using Facebook and watching movies, so the rules are being tightened and we all suffer for the wrongs of a few bad apples. But it needs to happen. People can't be doing things like that. It's just not ok. Obedience is the first law of heaven. It's pretty dang important. 

Wednesday was a pretty normal day. We were tracting and met a girl named Pxxxx. She was really nice and welcoming. When we explained the Book of Mormon she said it was interesting and that she wanted to know more. So the appointment with her is this week, but I won't be here to update on how that goes. We had ward council as well. It's always such a laugh. Someone brought up that we weren't being fed like at all, and everybody started saying how important it is to have the missionaries in their home, and how much it brings the spirit, how much they love it, but then when it comes to it nobody did anything about it when Sunday rolled around. It just made me laugh. :)

Thursday we had weekly planning and then I went on Exchange with Elder Jxxxx who's in my group. It was great! So much fun. It was a really good exchange. We worked super hard and had lots of success. It was great. After that we had a really good milkshake. :) It was the best! 

So that's my week in a nutshell! 

Love you all!
Elder Olsen

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