Monday, September 7, 2015

Birkenhead #5

Elder Sxxxxx and Elder Olsen

Hello all! 
Well another week has come and gone! I love my mission so much. I feel like this last transfer things have finally clicked and I actually know what I'm doing now! I'm having the time of my life out here, but when I sit down and think about it, I really shouldn't be. Missionaries shouldn't be as happy as we are. It's grueling and exhausting. But it's fantastic. This week was especially good because of one special place I was blessed to go to. 

Because of some problems in the past, President Ulrich promised us a reward if we would get up on time, do a full 30 minutes of exercise, and do full studies. He promised that he would take us to the temple for us to do baptisms for the dead. So on Tuesday Elder Searcy and I were scheduled for 10:00. Our bus from our flat to the bus station was late so we ended up missing our first train, but we caught the next one to Liverpool that came about 10 minutes later. We had to catch a connecting train from there and that one only comes every half hour so if we missed that we would've been in trouble. I'm sure we were a sight to see running through Liverpool Central train station! But we caught it and settled in for the hour train ride. We then had to catch another connecting train to Chorley and that was super tight as well but we caught that one by another miracle. So we made it in time for our session! And when we got there President surprised us by arranging with the temple for us to do an endowment session as well! That was amazing. I had some family names that I did baptisms for and the endowment was amazing. The temple is incredible. I love it. 

Another huge highlight from the week is Richard. Elder Searcy bus contacted Richard last week and then last Sunday when we dropped by he let us in to teach him! And then on Friday we taught him the Plan of Salvation! Richard is so prepared. He has absolutely no religious background, but he came to church with us this Sunday and stayed for the entire three hours. He was so good about it. He was patient and even though all us members drop copious amounts of Gospel Lingo, he just let it all soak in. He is doing very well. 

I'm super excited for this coming week. I love my mission so much and I can't wait to see the blessings that will come this week. 

You lot are a huge blessing to me. Knowing that I have people who love me and are praying for me is a huge comfort. I can feel your prayers, they truly do have power. 

Elder Olsen
The view from our flat this morning

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