Monday, September 21, 2015

Wigan #1

Hello Everyone!
Because of poor time management on my part, this email will be shorter. Sorry!
Well I'm in Wigan! It's been nuts since I've been here. So I've been to Wigan before because Warrington is so close, and Wigan was always a quiet little town. And I think that it usually is, but this week it decided to welcome me in with a few.. exciting events and people. :) I've experience a first for me. It's been fun!
But first, this is Elder Sxxxxxx. He's my companion. He's a good man. He's from Spain and he's very humble. He is a convert and loves the Gospel. 

Ok, now on to the fun stuff. On Saturday we pulled Warrington in up here to Wigan for a street display. We met in the church and then walked to town center. When we got there we were met with an interesting situation. There was a protest going on, set up by the National Front. A racest group who is protesting the refugee situation. So we called the display off and went to the church for lunch. To make a long story short, the demonstration met with another group and it turned into a riot. We were told that they called in over 100 cops to try to control the situation. Someone lit bombs off and there were stabbings and all sorts of happy stuff like that. So we locked ourselves in the church until the rioting was over and after about 3 hours it was safe to go out. So we went out and kept working but we stayed far away from towne center.
But now Wigan is back to normal. I have a really good district, and I'm excited to be working with them. It's going to be a good transfer.
Sorry it's short but I gotta go. 
Thanks for the support, I love you all. 
Elder Olsen

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