Monday, September 28, 2015

Wigan #2

Family and Friends, it's so good to hear from you! Thank you all for writing me and for your support. One thing that I've realized throughout the course of my mission is how valuable friends and family are. As a missionary, things are always changing. And it can wear one down. Ya, it's the same church. Yes, I will always have a companion. Yes, I always have the help of God just a prayer away, but there are so many variables that are always changing. And so it's so nice to have support, to know that every Monday I can be lifted by my loved ones. Thank you to all who take time and write me.
This week was good, but it had some major potential to go downhill. The excitement started on Tuesday after district meeting. We held it in Warrington, and then after that we went to Warrington town center to do a street display. It went pretty well, but there is opposition in all things, and it this case it came in the form of a born-again Christian. This man was a street preacher for whatever church he belonged to, and he didn't like what we were doing. So he parked himself about 10 feet away from us and shouting at the people, telling them how corrupt we are and how the Book of Mormon is false. I don't like stuff like that, so I went over and talked to him! You know, make friends with him and try to get him to stop. And immediately he tried every single born-again trick in the book. He gave me the biggest tongue lashing I've ever had! It was honestly really rough. But I'd been studying about charity, and the spirit surged into me like I'd never felt before, so I politely interrupted him and told him that I love him and that God loves him. He went silent, looked at me, shook my hand, and walked off. It was one of the most touching moments for me on my mission. I hate bashing. I could've pulled out scriptures and shredded his behind, but that's the spirit of contention, so the spirit of the devil. There were 2 other times this week when Elder Sxxxxxx and I were hit with born-again anti's, and each time we left them with a restoration pamphlet. Testimony is so powerful. You can try to prove things. You can try to reason. But no amount of eloquence or logic is more powerful that the Spirit of the Lord.
Well I've had a few other crazy happenings, one of them involving a drug addict, a hamster, and a dead chicken, but I won't go into that one. :)
Have a wonderful week ya'll! I think that you all are brilliant!
Love you!
Elder Olsen

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