Monday, October 26, 2015

Wigan #6

Hello all!
Well.. to start everything off I will give you the transfer news. There is no sense in making you wait! I will be going to be staying in Wigan! YAY! It's weird to not be moving this transfer, the last time that I "survived" the transfer was back in May! So I've moved around a fair bit. Missionaries tend to be staying in areas longer and longer in this mission. It used to be unheard of for missionaries to stay longer than 4 transfers, which works out to be about 6 months, but now missionaries are staying longer. There is a missionary in Liverpool that has been there for 10 months and he is staying there this transfer. So with the new trend, maybe I'll be able to settle down and get good things rolling. And this is the exciting part. Elder Sxxxxxx is leaving and going to Liverpool, and my new companion is... Elder Rxxxx! What! I'm getting reunited with my "son"! Crazy! It was exactly a year ago that we served with each other. I spent last Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with him, and this year I'll have at least Halloween and Thanksgiving with him, and if we stay next transfer Christmas too! So I'm super excited. It will be great to see how much we have grown and changed in the last year. I'm so excited for it!
A few highlights from my week, and then I'll attach a few photos. These aren't in any particular order or anything, Just the order they come to mind!
On Saturday night it was the end of the Brittish Summertime hours (daylight savings). So I got an extra hour of sleep without breaking any rules! It was great! Such a needed blessing.
Monday night I interviewed the other Wigan Elders investigator for baptism, and then on Saturday he was baptised! I love conducting interviews for baptism. It's a time where I can have a one on one with someone who has a young, fresh testimony and have a very spiritual experience with them. And then to see someone get baptised. Ah! I want it more than anything! I know that I can do hard things, and something that President Ulrich told me recently is that conversion is the real goal. And it doesn't matter who. And I know that I'm helping people become more converted, and I'm helping myself as well. Hard work, despite discouragement or lack of visible success is a lesson that I have learned over and over again. And it's one that will be of great importance for my future.
We had zone meeting this week, and 5 minutes before the meeting started, to the surprise of everyone President and Sister Ulrich walked in! So we had our normal zone meeting, which was really good, and President addressed us. It was SOOO good! My district has been having a few struggles in companionships, and it felt like President was addressing every little issue that I raised in my letters to him! It was so inspired and I learned so much about how I can introduce more energy and excitment into the work. So it was super fun trying that out the rest of the week.
On Friday our dinner appointment was cancelled.
It's pretty obvious here that summer is over! The gloves and scarves are coming out! Bring on the cold! But I wish it would just stay warm...
Well mom, I'm sorry for the short letter last week. I hope this will do for this week, because my fingers don't have any more words to type. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Love, Elder Olsen

Monday, October 19, 2015

Wigan #5

Hello all!

This week has been so fast! And boy, it's been a ride! Elder Sxxxxxx and I had some pretty interesting experiences this week, some that were great and others... less so. But all in all it has been a good week, just not long enough! Time flies..

I don't know how to start this, so just look at the picture. It's worth a thousand words anyway.

That's right! We got to take Bxx to the temple this week! It was Amazing!! I cant adequately put into words the feels that we felt there. In D&C 121 it names it "the unspeakable gift of the Holy Ghost". And I understand that now. The power and feeling that is there is unmatchable, and indescribable. The Spirit was SO strong there, Bxx was so touched, and just said over and over again, "I've never been anywhere so clean, I've never been anywhere so pure." It was an experience never to be forgotten.

Elder Sxxxxxx and I were in a lesson later this week, and the best way to sum up the lesson is to say, drunk people are hilarious! They are so funny!
I don't have any time right now! The Warrington missionaries came and we played sports and had a blast. Here's a picture!

Here's one more picture, and then I need to go!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wigan #4


I'm glad that I'm sitting here writing this letter, because it means that the beginning of another week is here. This week was good with some really good points but I'm glad to put this one behind me. I had to deal with some really stressful stuff that I never wanted to do as a missionary. But thankfully that's all behind me now and I get to move away from the stress and drama. 

Monday was a great P-day. We emailed and shopped and were lazy until 6:00. And then it was time for something fun. We have/had an investigator named Cxxxx who is 19 years old, which means he is YSA aged. So we went to the YSA Family Home Evening with him, which was really fun! It was Elder Dxxxxxxxx's (one of the other missionary's in Wigan) birthday and they had a lesson and then threw a party for him. Our investigator really enjoyed it, but probably to much so. :) later this week we ended up coming to a mutual agreement to drop him because he loves his weed and vodka to much. The only counsel he would take from us in regards to either of those substances was not to do them at the same time. That much alcohol with fire isn't a good idea. He might explode!

Tuesday we had district meeting, a street display, and an exchange. All 3 of these were super good. I have a wonderful district who is so supportive and are great missionaries. At the street display Sister Yxxx, a missionary from China, found a Chinese man and after teaching him a full length lesson dated him for baptism on the spot! He doesn't live in the area so he has to be referred to another area, but it was really added some fire to our street display! After that I went on exchange back to Warrington. I stayed in my old flat, met some of the best members from the area, and ate hot dogs from a bottle. It's the English way to do it, instead of getting hot dogs that come shrink wrapped in the packaging, they come in a bottle soaking in brine. It looks and sounds gross, but it just tastes like a salty hot dog. 

The exchange was good. Elder Bxxxxx is a great missionary and it was fun to be with him in my old area. On Wednesday morning we helped a member move, and in the process of moving a 2 seater recliner up a narrow flight of stairs I did my back in. I've been having a few minor problems with my back the last few months, but it's never had much of an impact on me. I think I just tweaked it just right, and I can't sit down for more than a few minutes now. I think I'm driving my companion crazy during personal study when it looks like I'm playing head, shoulders, knees and toes every 5 minutes! 

I think that's about it for Wednesday, except for dinner I made Hawaiian Haystacks, but it tasted like we were eating oatmeal. It was super bland. I've discovered that I can't cook very well without my mothers help. Or maybe it's because we don't have any proper equipment here. Anyway, because it was so bland I made it more exciting by turning it blue with food colouring. It was definitely more exciting, but it didn't taste much nicer. 

Thursday was weekly planning. We met a nice lad named Lxxx. He is 17 but looks like he is 22. We're hoping to be able to start teaching him, he was our second biggest finding success this week. Super nice kid, has his head on straight and seems to know his way through life alright. He'll be great once we snag him. 

Friday and Saturday were full of finding. I had one or two interesting experiences with that, but I won't go into those. We met a really nice woman who became a new investigator. Very kind and gentle with great faith. But she is mouldable and wants to find the right faith. I'm excited! 

Sunday was a very special day for me. Taking the sacrament was incredibly refreshing, and oh it was wonderful to me. I love the focus on the Sabbath day from the General Authorities. It has changed my perception completely. 

Mom, and anyone else who cares, I promise I have pictures to send, but the computer here is down and there is no way for me to get them from my camera to my iPad to send, so you'll all just have to wait until next week. It's ok, I still look the same, it's just a test of your patience! Sorry! 

All in all a good week over here. I'm pleased with it anyway. I'm glad it was fairly decent back home and I hope this next week will be wonderful!

Love you!

Elder Olsen

Monday, October 5, 2015

Wigan #3

Family! Friends!
It's good to hear from you! As always, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. You lot are the best. It's been a good week over here across the pond. I'm hoping it has been for you as well. Isn't General Conference the best! Ah, it was so good to be able to hear that! Such a spiritually refreshing thing.

This week was a bit weird. We didn't have a lot of time to proselyte. Zone meeting in Liverpool and General Conference left us a with not much to do. On top of that we had a few lessons with our investigator Bxx so that took a lot of time as well. Bxx is doing well. He has had a lot of problems in the past and he's struggling to quit smoking. Conference was really good for me because it hit me that Elder Sxxxxxx and I have been attacking the smoking concern. We've really been attacking the branches on the tree instead of the roots. We really need to be working on teaching him about the Atonement and teaching him how to place his burdens on the Savior, rather than helping him to struggle on his own. I think we've almost been counter-productive. But it's all a learning experience and I'm grateful to be able to learn and grow, rather than be stuck in the past.
So life is pretty good for me. Your english missionary is doing well. I'm happy. I don't have much to say today, but life is good.
Thanks for being great!
Love, Elder Olsen