Monday, October 26, 2015

Wigan #6

Hello all!
Well.. to start everything off I will give you the transfer news. There is no sense in making you wait! I will be going to be staying in Wigan! YAY! It's weird to not be moving this transfer, the last time that I "survived" the transfer was back in May! So I've moved around a fair bit. Missionaries tend to be staying in areas longer and longer in this mission. It used to be unheard of for missionaries to stay longer than 4 transfers, which works out to be about 6 months, but now missionaries are staying longer. There is a missionary in Liverpool that has been there for 10 months and he is staying there this transfer. So with the new trend, maybe I'll be able to settle down and get good things rolling. And this is the exciting part. Elder Sxxxxxx is leaving and going to Liverpool, and my new companion is... Elder Rxxxx! What! I'm getting reunited with my "son"! Crazy! It was exactly a year ago that we served with each other. I spent last Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with him, and this year I'll have at least Halloween and Thanksgiving with him, and if we stay next transfer Christmas too! So I'm super excited. It will be great to see how much we have grown and changed in the last year. I'm so excited for it!
A few highlights from my week, and then I'll attach a few photos. These aren't in any particular order or anything, Just the order they come to mind!
On Saturday night it was the end of the Brittish Summertime hours (daylight savings). So I got an extra hour of sleep without breaking any rules! It was great! Such a needed blessing.
Monday night I interviewed the other Wigan Elders investigator for baptism, and then on Saturday he was baptised! I love conducting interviews for baptism. It's a time where I can have a one on one with someone who has a young, fresh testimony and have a very spiritual experience with them. And then to see someone get baptised. Ah! I want it more than anything! I know that I can do hard things, and something that President Ulrich told me recently is that conversion is the real goal. And it doesn't matter who. And I know that I'm helping people become more converted, and I'm helping myself as well. Hard work, despite discouragement or lack of visible success is a lesson that I have learned over and over again. And it's one that will be of great importance for my future.
We had zone meeting this week, and 5 minutes before the meeting started, to the surprise of everyone President and Sister Ulrich walked in! So we had our normal zone meeting, which was really good, and President addressed us. It was SOOO good! My district has been having a few struggles in companionships, and it felt like President was addressing every little issue that I raised in my letters to him! It was so inspired and I learned so much about how I can introduce more energy and excitment into the work. So it was super fun trying that out the rest of the week.
On Friday our dinner appointment was cancelled.
It's pretty obvious here that summer is over! The gloves and scarves are coming out! Bring on the cold! But I wish it would just stay warm...
Well mom, I'm sorry for the short letter last week. I hope this will do for this week, because my fingers don't have any more words to type. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Love, Elder Olsen

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