Monday, November 30, 2015

Wigan #11

Hello Everyone!
Happy P-day! It's a wonderful, cold, wet, day! England is the best! I love my life! 
I'll start this puppy off with a story... It was a cold, wet, but wonderful day. We were at a dinner appointment on Saturday, it's a part member family that I had never been to before. So we get there and sit on the couch and they bring out the food (they don't have a table). I set my plate of spaghetti and meatballs on my knees and turn to look at Elder Rxxxx, as I do my plate slips off and the spaghetti runs away all of over my suit and the carpet of these poor people's home! So I'm trying to clean it up and their little Jack Russell Terrier dog comes over and eats most of this speghetti. They get me another plate and we eat, I'm thoroughly embarrassed at this point and my face is bright red the whole time. When they bring out dessert the dog wanders in the room as well, and throws up, all over the floor, huge red mess of tomato sauce and meatball chunks! It's disgusting, but they clean it up and we carry on, pretending like nothing happen And then the dog did it again!! And this time it's the rest of the pasta! It was the funniest, most embarrassing meal of my life. :)
My Thanksgiving this year consisted of a wonderful meeting with half of the mission and Paul V. Johnson of the 70. It was a great meeting and I loved it so much! It was a spiritual feast and I came away from it with an incressed desire to do better.
This week was super rainy! We had a street display in Warrington that was going incredibly well. All 8 of us missionaries were there teaching different people and seeing great success. I was talking with a lady from Liverpool who is the nicest lady in the world. She was super prepared to hear the Gospel and started crying when I taught her the 1st vision. It was probably because the cold wind was blowing right in her eyes, but I choose to believe otherwise! :) She's going to be fantastic for the sisters to teach over there. After that we kept going with the display, until the Heaven's sent down the torrential rains! It was absolutely throwing it down! So we had to wrap up the display. It was super good nontheless!
Last week on we met up with the sisters from Warrington, because on of them Sister Yuan, is chinese and we began teaching a chinese family! They were met at a street display weeks ago, but because of busy schedules we were just able to meet with them this week. The Chinese have a different set of lessons because of their religious background, so It was fun to teach about the Godhead and have a translator! It was a completely new experience that I would highly recommend. :)
Well I think that's about it from this neck of the woods. I might send pictures later if I can get back to the church before P-day ends.
Love you!
Elder Olsen

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