Monday, November 9, 2015

Wigan #8

What to say about this week... It was strange. It was good. I'm happy and I've had some great experiences this week, fun ones and spiritual ones too. Some were both fun and spiritual!
On Monday we played basketball as a district again. We have 2 sisters in the district, one from China and one from the Phillipeans. I don't know what if it is just them or if it's Asian culture, but they are fiesty! I'm scared to play against them because they aren't afraid of anything and they come after anyone!
Tuesday... We had district meeting again. And it was a decently good one. Elder Rxxxx and I did the trainings and we talked about how we can improve our street displays. It's supposed to be super fun and interactive. A different form of finding than anything else. And it was great. We were directed by the spirit and managed to get what we had prepared out. That evening we left Wigan to spend the night in Bolton, a neighboring area because early the next morning I would take my theory test for my drivers licence!
Wednesday. It was a... different sort of day. I took the test and passed! But Elder Rxxxx was not allowed to be in the testing centre while I took the test, so he got permission to wander off on his own. I finished the test super fast, and waited for him to come back for about half and hour. He had the phone so I started stopping people in the street, asking them to use their phone. That didn't work. So I wandered around town and had the brilliant idea to check in McDonalds! I found him. Proof that my companion is polynesian...
Thursday was Guy Fawkes day. Which is a holiday the English celebrate where they light bonfires, set off fireworks and get drunk. So once again, we had to be in the flat by 5:00. In order to make better use of our time we did our weekly planning during that time. It was good.
Friday was a good day. It was actually really good. We had some really nice converstations with people on the streets, but unfortunately no return appointments. That's how the last few weeks have gone for us. We seem to do a really good job when we go to Warrington finding potential investigators for them, but it's just not working out for Elder Rxxxx and I. But it's ok, that's how my mission has gone. I just keep trying to work like it all depends on me, and pray like it all depends on God. That evening was also really good. We had a ward activity with a bonfire and fireworks. And wow. It was weird. We got permission to go in normal clothes and so it almost felt like I was back home. But despite that feeling we had the opportunity to teach 2 lessons to non-members and we have a return appointment with one!
Saturday we had a street display in Warrington. And it was really good. The weather was rough before and after the display but it held off for the duration of it. And we put the things in practice that we had talked about at district meeting and got 4 new investigators from it! What??! That's what happens when energy is introduced! It made me happy to see missionaries emerge from their shells and become firecrackers, bouncing around and working incredibly hard. When we got back from that I had the chance to meet with some great family friends. The Craguns (shout out to them!) came and saw me and took us to dinner and gave us some American food! Thank you again, Tim and Ami. It was a very nice evening.

After that we went to wander the streets but both felt like we needed to visit Bxx. So we visited him and had a great lesson with him. wow, That was amamzing. It had been awhile since we really connected with him, but the spirit was so strong, and he regained the motivation to keep progressing, and then he came to church again!
Sunday was a great day at church. President and Sister Ulrich came and afterwards we visited with them and got to have more of a one on one. They are amazing people and I'm glad that they are my leaders for this time.
And that concludes my week! Thanks for reading and thanks for the support! Love you all!
Elder Olsen

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