Monday, December 28, 2015

Wigan #15

Hey everyone!

England: where the only free wifi you can find is in a pub.

This email will probably end up being pretty short, sorry! Family: It
was so good to see you and speak with you! That was such an amazing
part of my week. I think this Skype was probably the one I enjoyed the
most. I'm not sure what it was about it but it was so good for me.
Thank you for making that special for me. Everyone else: you missed

This Christmas was great! Ya I missed being with family, but It was a
great Christmas nonetheless. On Christmas Eve we spent the night with
the the other Wigan Elders, Elders Nxxxxxx and Txxx, and the
Warrington Elders, Elder Bxxxxx and Elder Wxxxxxxxx. We bonded
together and enjoyed the company. It was good!

In the days after Christmas, the flooding happened. Pictures attached.
It was fun. It's gone now, not much we could've done to help, but fun
to laugh at!

I think that's it! Oh ya! We went to Manchester today to go shopping
and we went to the National Football Museum. 'Twas good!

So that's it from me, I'll make sure to attach a few pictures to make
up for not many words. Love you all!
Elder Olsen

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