Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wigan #16

Hey happy New Years everyone! I hope all of you were able to finish off 2015 with a bang and give 2016 a great start! In the season of resolutions and goals, I'm grateful for the time that I had to put everything aside and kneel before the Lord. I know He lives and that he loves me. I think that He loves this time of year because it's a time when people use the Atonement and repent, even if they don't really know it. Saying "I will change" is one of the sentances that I think has most power. It shows humility to accept that we aren't where we would like to be. It shows the willingness to change. And it doesn't give room for failure. I love it. It's what the Gospel is all about! Changing ourselves to become the type of person that we would like to be.
So for this week we started it off by going to Manchester on Monday. It was pretty fun! Tuesday was great, we had district meeting which went really well. There was a really good group discussion that was nice to see. The zone leaders were there as well and after the district meeting I went on exchange with Elder Jxxxxx! It was so much fun to go on exchange with him again! He was my district leader in Wigan when I was in Warrington so it was great to see the growth that we've had in the last 6 months. Man time goes by fast. So we had a street display, which was really good. I taught and amazing man who became a new investigator. He's great!
Elder Jxxxxxx and I had a great time together and it was really fun. We had a really good exchange and it was fun to be with someone from my group. He's a great missionary and a good friend. We'll totes be friends back home. He's passed the test.
We had another street display on Saturday, and I got a little more than I bargained for. It was towards the end of the display so I was packing everything away, when one of the sisters stopped a man. They were having a chat and everything looked fine, until I noticed her doing our super secret distress sign. She looked over his shoulder at me and mouthed, "help!" So I walked over and found a new anti-mormon friend! He was being totally rude to this sweet little 4'10" 2 year convert from Colombia. That's not ok. So we began talking and this man is a lunatic. He kept asking all these probing questions, trying to trip me up and prove me wrong. He was getting super into it and it attracted a lot of people. Elder Rxxxx came over and it was completely out of hand at that point. This man was not listen to anything we were saying. It was awful. We bore our testimonies to him while he was shouting about how we're a cult. Not much fun, but the worst part is that he wouldn't let us leave. We all walked away with all of the display stuff, and he was following us shouting some of the worst insults. The only thing that kept coming to me is the scripture when Jesus was being persecuted but "He answered them nothing" so we just walked away all epic like while this lunatic was pulled away by the police. I love times like that because it totally reconfirms my testimony! Bearing testimony like that is powerful and I love it!
Well that's about it! Thank you for the love and birthday wishes! I love you!
Elder Olsen

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