Monday, January 11, 2016

Wigan #17

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for the birthday wishes and for all the support that you give me! I love you all and am grateful for the great people that you are and for the way you live the gospel in your lives. I gave a talk in church yesterday about exercising faith in Christ, and one of the things that I mentioned when I bore my testimony is just that, that it was a testimony. It's not true faith until we go and act on that testimony. That's what faith is and what faith does. It's a motivating force in our lives and it is a gift that we need to foster and care about. We can't let it go! 
So it was a pretty good week! I feel like the lessons that we taught were good proper lessons and that they all had substance to them, rather than the fluff lessons that sometimes comes our way. We're starting to work with some solid people so I'm super excited for that! 
On Tuesday we were street contacting in Wigan town centre and I met a really nice couple. Christian is a less-active member and Kxxxxxx wants to learn about the church! They approached us and asked to be taught! He wants to come back to church and Kxxxxxx wants to be baptised! I'm super excited for them, they're golden! I hope I get to stay in the area long enough to be able to see something come of it! So on Saturday we went to our appointment with them and Kxxxxxx is in the hosptial! She's had a mental breakdown so we spent the whole time teaching and comforting him! It's going to be a great teaching relationship as soon as Kxxxxxx gets back out of the hospital.
Oh! Great news! I found out that Axxx is getting baptised! Ya! As in Mxxx and Axxx! Back in Ashton! I found those two nearly a year ago and it's finally happening! From what I hear Axxx moved out so now she's eligible for baptism! I'll let you know when it happens and a bit more details when I get them!
Anyways, back to Wigan. This week we were almost able to stay in our area for the entire week! We only left one day which is pretty darn good! Usually we've gone to Warrington and done street displays over there on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but I was pretty much sick of that, so I decided we were going to bring the district to Wigan for a change. (We've always gone to Warrington because the town council here in Wigan shut us down for street displays. They want to charge us 250 pounds (about $400) everytime we do a display) So we cheated the system a bit and did a street display without having the actual display. We still had missionaries contacting people street display style, we just didn't have a table!
Not much more to say about this week! Elder Rxxxx and I are doing well.
I love you all! 
Elder Olsen

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