Monday, January 18, 2016

Wigan #18

Well my everyone, here I am, 3/4 of the way through my mission. I am
here standing as a witness to you that I still feel like singing the
song of redeeming love! And I'm grateful to  stand as a witness of God
and the message of the restoration in th last days here in England.
I'm walking the same ground that great prophets before have trod! It
is now my time to shine forth with that same authority for it has been
given to by the laying on of hands and though the keys of th
priesthood to teach that same gospel those prophets before us have
taught. Now is the time and day of our salvation as well as the time
and day of the salvation of others.  I don't want to stand before God
on my final accounting day and not say I have done all I could do to
bring his children into the gospel.

The time that champions shine is in the final quarter, it sets the
Elders apart from the Missionaries. Those who courageously defend the
Gospel. And I'm going to be a missionary!

I have transfer news!!! After 4 blessed months in Wigan, after
spending 3 months with Elder Rxxxx (again), Ive been called to move!
I'm going back to CARLISLE! My new companion will be Elder Kxxxxxx!
He's pretty new, so I'm super excited!

This is so short, but I have a few pictures! It snowed, I had a great
time interrupting people's lives on buses! It was great! We taught a
lesson today so p day time was extended a bit. Here's some photos!

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