Monday, February 8, 2016

2 Carlisle #3

Hey people! 

As always, thank you for your letters! I want you to know of the love that I have for each of you. I'm grateful to have such an amazing support network, it's blessed me so much to have you all there. And I love your letters! It makes me so happy to hear about how all of you are doing, the good times and the not so good, it's a reminder that life goes on! Anyways, on to my week! 
I got bit by a dog on Friday. Like always, it only happened because of my carelessness. And because the dog is vicious. I went to pet it and the vile monster snapped at my hand, catching me in its iron grip and drawing blood. I guess that's why you don't pet shih-tzu's. 
We had a pretty good week. I'm very pleased with it. It was one of those weeks that I could look back on and see the miracles. The hand of God is becoming more and more clear to me and the Lord is hastening his work! I have several examples of this I'd like to share this week, and the first one is probably evidence enough for those of you who have been paying attention to my letters. The story begins back in Wigan, and I won't go to deep into it, but basically we were teaching a Jewish man named Gxxxxxx. It was interesting teaching a Jew, he had some strange ideas about certain points, but about a week before I left his progression shot through the roof! And then this last week, like 2 days ago he was baptised! I'm really happy about that and even though I wasn't able to be at his baptism I'm glad I was able to be involved in his teaching!
The pictures that I've attached are from last Monday. We went to a river and skipped stones and had a photo shoot. It's so difficult only being able to take pictures on P-day. It makes you want to take so many! But it was fun pretending to be male models so I can't complain. We had a good time and now I actually have some pics to send! We were denied access to a castle though. The purpose of the exhibition was to see the castle, but it turns out that someone actually lives in it, so we were denied access to it. But we tracted it and tried to place a Book of Mormon! 
This week we taught a new investigator named Hxxxx. Wow! That was a super spiritual lesson. She has a 6 year old daughter so Hxxxx left the TV on and just muted it, but at one point when I was bearing my testimony and talking about my conversion to the gospel she turned the TV off because she wanted to feel the spirit stronger. I've never been in a more powerful lesson. The Lord is preparing more and more people, or else I have just reached a point where I have the faith to find them, I don't know. But I do know that Elder Kxxxxxx and I have been entrusted with some incredible people to teach. We're teaching Hxxxx again and I've never looked forward so much to a lesson. She'll be a kingdom builder. 
We had a similar experience with a lady named Kxxxxx. She describes herself as a skeptic, but when we taught her and bore testimony she describe the feelings of the Holy Ghost exactly. She's another one who is being given experience and having her prayers answered. This work is true. The last days are nigh and it's such a privilege to be involved in this glorious work. The opposition is good, but God is better. It is my prayer that when my Savior comes I will be prepared to meet him. That he will have no trouble recognising me. I want my banner to be clear. 
Well this email has turned out to be super long. Long for me anyway, so I'll wrap it up here. You can choose which of those stories is the one every missionary wants, I think all of them work! 
Thanks for reading! Spot on.
Love, Elder Olsen

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