Monday, February 15, 2016

2 Carlisle #4

Good Morning everyone!
Elder Kxxxxxx and I had some pretty good days this week. One of my favourite parts of this work is to see how the Lord takes average people who speak average things and magnifies their abilities and words. We saw that this week, 2 young men like us do not have the ability to do what we do. The Lord strengthens those who trust Him and Magnifies those who act with faith. Unfortunately I can't really illustrate this with an individual experience, but rather it's a collage of people and events that make it clear in my mind. The Lord takes raw materials, and refines them! I'm not perfect, but I'm a whole lot better off than if I was sat on my backside doing nothing. 
I learned a great lesson this week dealing both with heat and a lack of it. 1st, when it's cold, wear gloves, especially when biking. I got really good at biking with my arms folded trying to warm my hands and shield them from the cold. 2nd is that I need to pay more heed to common sense. I found a lighter on the ground so naturally I needed to set something on fire. Unfortunately my hand was in the way and I burned myself. It isn't terrible, but it's enough to remind me that I should be more careful. I was thinking about this earlier, and I drew out of this experience what I'd like to call the parable of the flame. 

Deep within each of us there is a flame. It can either be very good, or it can be bad. This is the flame of our passions, or our desires. As we feed this flame it gets bigger! And naturally the bigger the fire the more it consumes. It begins to roar and be rather impressive. The more we feed this fire the more it takes on its own. This can be applied in two senses. It can be either the fire of our faith which starts of small, but the bigger it gets the faster it grows, like the mustard trees. It can be the fire of our passions, which needs to be a controlled burn. But just like I tampered with the lighter to create a torch, tampering with our inner fire can lead us to be burned as well. If we want to have a roaring bonfire of faith but we cheat rather than doing the necessary steps of prayer and scripture study and pour gasoline all over it, it might get big fast but it'll burn out. And if we're stupid, we'll probably get burned. 

Alright, what else should I report on... So Hxxxx ended up texting us and saying she doesn't want to meet anymore. I hate it when people feed our investigators anti stuff. Everything that is not understood or that puts the church in a bad light is explainable! Sometimes the act of faith that is required of us is as simple as having an open heart and looking at the correct sources. That's why we have the scriptures! That's what prayer is for.

Back to my week. We did community service this week! It's good to see people rallying around and helping God's children. We were sorting supplies to send down to Syria. So many people here are against helping the people there, and it's hard to see. But it was great to be able to work around people of other faiths practicing true Christianity and serving God's children. 

Well that's all from me I think. Thanks for being fantastic!
Love, Elder Olsen
I clean!

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