Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2 Carlisle #10

Hello all!

Oh boy, it has been a great week!  Carlisle has seen many miracles and
blessings in the past week.

I'm here emailing at the Chorley temple complex having just went
through a session. It was absolutely amazing. I didn't have any
problems staying alert and I learned so much. I loved the feeling that
was there. I really experienced leaving everything at the door. I went
in and felt no stress or anxiety. I was completely at peace. In the
session we were in there was a girl going through for her own
endowment before her marriage. It was nice to see everyone acting so
Christlike, guiding her through everything. It was super nice.

Elder Kxx and I taught a great lesson this week with the Hxxxxxxx's (a
senior missionary couple here). We're teaching a lady named Rxxxxx. We
met her tracting and shared the Book of Mormon with her. She told us
that she was looking for a boost of faith because of some difficulties
that have gotten her down. Well we arranged to come back on Wednesday
and it was a great visit. Elder Kxx and I taught with more unity that
ever before and we included her in the lesson, getting her involved,
asking questions, etc. You could've filmed it and put it in the
district! She accepted baptism when she finds out that it's true;
we'll extend a date this week.

I thought we ate lots of sweets back home for Easter, but I think the
British top us on that one. They aren't really into the whole Easter
egg hunt, but everyone has loads of chocolate eggs. I'll send a
picture next week when I'm back on a computer.

I love this gospel. I am so blessed to be part of it. I love the
opportunity to share my testimony with people. I know the church is
Love from Carlisle,

Elder Olsen

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