Monday, March 7, 2016

2 Carlisle #7

Hello everyone!
Happy UK Mother's day mum! I love this day! In England one of the things that they do to celebrate Mother's day is after Sacrament meeting, all of the primary kids come to the front of the chapel and get a rose to give to their mother. And then they go around and make sure that everyone has one. It was a great week for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

With transfers happening this week it was my job to keep the area moving forward. It was exciting for me! I haven't done that since over a year ago when I was in Ashton! My new companion Elder Kxx and I had a great start to our companionship. We've clicked and we get along really well. He's pretty quiet sometimes, which is nice. Elder Kxx is going to be a great companion for me to have at this point in my mission. It's been said that people talk about people, smart people talk about things, and intelligent people talk about ideas. Elder Kxx and I have had good conversations where he has pulled me up to higher conversation to speak of ideas. And it's been amazing, we speak of simple things like faith and put it into action. It's been great so far and I look forward to seeing miracles working with this him. 

This week we went over to a member's house for dinner. It was a great meal and good company too. But the best part about it is that the 16 year old daughter had invited a non member friend over! We connected with him really well and began teaching him! The spirit was tangible in the room. The question was asked "how do you know that this is actually real, not just some story that you've been told?" It was the mother that answered, which was amazing. We've been working with her for a long time and she's had her fair share of trials and doubts, but she bore a simple witness of the Book of Mormon, and the already powerful spirit intensified. It was an amazing moment to be a part of. And then the young man came to church yesterday. Members are the key to missionary work. Missionaries can work incredibly hard, and if the members don't support them, it's all for nothing, but with the members support and help, and them doing the work, that's when miracles occur much more common.
I'll send some pictures from our time in the Lake district. And then I'm off!

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Olsen

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