Monday, March 21, 2016

2 Carlisle #9

Hello family!
It's been a pretty good week! It has been absolutely exhausting, but incredibly worthwhile. I think it is so interesting how there seems to be a focus that emerges from each week. I recognised this week's focus at church yesterday and looking back over the week it's easy to recognise that we've been given experiences to help us learn this principle. The principle I believe that God was trying to teach me is to put off the natural man. Many of the people that we spoke to talked about how crazy we are, how we should be in the pub watching Manchester United, or doing this or that. As we testified to these people of prioritising God over ______ (drugs, alcohol, ect.) the spirit touch my heart, reassuring me of the importance of the principles that I taught. This happened over and over again this week, in varying degrees of pressured from others, and escalated yesterday after church. 
In Carlisle we go tracting all the time. It seems like all we do is knock doors, but it's effective so we keep doing it! Well we met a man, a modern day Sherem type (Sherem being an anti-Christ, cleaver with his words but slimy in deed). He was quite cleaver, he talked about this and that, yada yada blah blah, etc. It was stuff that sounded pretty but it had easily apparent holes. I'm not a salesman, I'm not especially gifted in debate or conversation, but I have faith in the living Christ and I can testify that He uses the simple to do His work. With the spirit guiding our words and actions, we stood our ground and defended our faith. I do not believe in bible bashing, but I believe in courageously defending what I know to be true. To finish the story, mr. Sherem saw how he was contradicting himself and gave up. He shook our hands and closed the door. I don't know what will happen to him, but I do know that he saw more than two twenty year old boys on his doorstep that day. And I could walk away from that door satisfied that we'd done exactly what we were supposed to. 

We did meet some great people this week. Including two who are super receptive. I'm very excited to begin working with them. I think that they both will be willing to put in the work to get an answer, That's all it is! The gospel is true for everyone, people just need to be willing to find that out for themselves. One of them, Txxxx, is a 20 year old young lady who has read 6 different bibles cover to cover. She knows that there is more than what she's been finding and wants to figure out what it is. I felt the spirit so strongly as we testified to her and she felt it to. Our other hopeful is Rxxxxx. She's pretty much a dry Mormon. She lives most of the standards that we have. She said that she needs a boost in faith right now, and she believes that it wasn't coincidence that we knocked her door that day. I know it wasn't either!

Before I sign off I want you to know that I'm happy! I'm doing well, staying focused, and working hard. I know that this is the work of the Lord and I'm grateful for Him.

Thanks for everything!

Elder Olsen

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