Monday, April 25, 2016

2 Carlilse #14

Good morning everyone!
I want to start this letter out with how much I love serving in the EMM. I know that the Lord tailors all of our circumstances for us individually, and that is such a blessing. We had a great experience this week that really helped us to understand how much the Lord loves us and wants what's best for us.

Working with Rxxxxx has been very enlightening for me. She has taught me things and has been such a great listener. She's one of the best people I've worked with on my mission as far as a teaching environment. I look forward to every lesson with a nervous anticipation. This week we had a lesson scheduled with her but our member friend that we were planning on going with had to cancel on us. We felt like we should go ahead with the lesson anyway, but we really wanted this member couple to become friends with Rxxxxx, so we rescheduled for the next day. Unfortunately Rxxxxx had some issues come up and had to cancel that appointment so we rescheduled for after church a few days later (she wasn't able to make it to church either). 30 minutes before our lesson was to begin our member friends once again had to cancel. We called around franticly, trying to get someone to come with us, but call after call was either a no or no answer. But with just a few moments to go we found a different number for our branch president! And he saved the day! Not only did his presence allow us to go in and teach her, but he made such a difference in the lesson. He added some great input and taught very naturally with us. Because of some of the things that had happened earlier in the week, she was going to drop us, but because of the testimony of the Carlisle Branch President she is looking forward to another visit with us!

Heavenly Father has really prepared people, and they are coming! We made a mistake not going to Rxxxxx's on our original appointment. We don't know, but the conflicts the next day may never have happened! But God wants her to succeed so He prepared everything so that Rxxxxx could have the best experience for her on Sunday night. It was amazing.

We found several new people this week who I'm excited for. We also had a referral come in that we had to contact. So we called the phone number and scheduled an appointment! It looked like it was going to be a golden referral! We had a bit of a surprise when we put the address into the GPS. He lives in a little village called Keld, population, probably about 25. This village (if it's worthy to be called a village, hamlet might be a better word) consisted of 1 street. It was a nice drive 45 minute drive in the countryside on a beautiful day. But, when we got there, the person who had been referred to us had no idea what was going on and had no interest, it was just a prank from one of his mate. Disappointing, but we had a beautiful drive anyway.

It was a week of testing for us! We had 11 investigator appointments fall through on us. We showed up to all of them, but they weren't in for any of them! So again, disappointing, but it gave us an opportunity to do more finding! And we took advantage of that time, we put in a lot of hours of knocking doors this week.

I think that's it from me today! Thanks for the emails and prayers!

Love, Elder Olsen

Driving on the wrong side!
Tracting in Keld
2 ways, 60 mph speed limit, I went like 30

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