Monday, April 18, 2016

2 Carlisle #13

Hello Everyone!
This week has been absolutely crazy. It's been so busy and lots of fun! Emailing last week was pretty much a fiasco, P day had been moved to Tuesday, and we had transfers that day as well. So I had to drive 3 hours to Manchester and 3 hours back. But it was good. 
Elder Pxxxxxx and I are getting along well. We've had lots of laughs and worked hard, when we had time to work. Wednesday was really good, we went out and tracted for about 5 hours., and met some really good people. One lady, Axxxx, had been to the Temple open house 20ish years ago and was  good friends with one of our branch members! This member had invited her to several activities over the years, and Axxxx had gone! But she describes herself as a doubting Thomas. Sometimes I want to grab people by the shoulders and shake them until they accept what we say! We're pretty sure that Axxxx knows that the Gospel is true, she described a powerful experience that she'd had where she had felt the spirit at the temple. But people are so skeptical!

One Friday there was a joint mission leadership council with district leaders in Manchester, so we drove to Lancaster on Thursday night and spent the night with the zone leaders so we didn't have to wake up super early to get to Manchester. MLC was super good! I was really happy to be able to be there and be involved in the discussions to help the mission. We were able to all get on the same page to help us move the work forward in unity.

On the way back from that we stopped in Lancaster to pick up Elder Pxxxxxx who had been on a split while I'd gone with his companion to the meeting. We picked him up and took him to the Lancaster flat so he could pick up the rest of his stuff, and as he ran in he slipped and slammed into a pole! It was super funny to watch, but I felt bad the next morning sitting in the emergency room. Elder Pxxxxxx cracked his sternum.

So that slowed us down a bit, but we were able to get a mileage extension on the car, because it hurts Elder Pxxxxxx to breath. Finding is still going really well, we found 6 new investigators last week, and that's with spending 2 full days outside of our area! We met an artist, and he gave each of us a piece of his art, so now I have a snow leopard on my study desk!

On Saturday morning a text came in from our branch mission leader saying that his wife had set up an appointment for us for that afternoon! Luckily we were able to make it out of the hospital in enough time to make it there. We had a lovely visit with Nxxxxxx and talked to her a lot about prayer. The next day at church the member came up to us saying how much Nxxxxxx had liked our visit! So we have a really good recipe for success with this family!

Well I think that's it for me today! Thanks for all your emails!

Love, Elder Olsen!

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