Monday, May 9, 2016

2 Carlisle #16

This week has been pretty good! Family, I love you all so much, thank
you for the Skype yesterday, it was so good to see and talk to you!
Friends, I'm sorry you don't have my family. That's super sad for you
because they are fantastic! I'm also sorry because this email will
probably be shorter than normal, after all, I did just talk to my
family yesterday! Now that my last Skype is out of the way and food
for my first week home has been planned out, I feel old. But that's
super good! Because it's motivation to power through my last day!

This week was a pretty good one! We have been working towards
preparing Rxxxxx for baptism, but she doesn't feel ready and so we've
had to reevaluate and we've pushed it back. We taught her 4 times this
week with members present! It was super good! Sunday night we watch
the Prophet of the Restoration with her, and she really enjoyed it!
She said that it gave her a new perspective on things. She came to
church too! It was great!

We went on exchange to Lancaster this week! It was a good exchange, I
went with Elder Hxxxxxx from Idaho and we did some finding! We found a
man who had witnessed a suicide 20 minutes before, a man jumping in
front of the train. He was pretty shaken up and so we introduced the
gospel to him, and he walked away. We did get a few good contacts and
I enjoyed my time there. We've had great weather all week, and
Lancaster is a beautiful city.

I'll send some pictures too! Because everyone likes pictures.

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Olsen

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