Monday, May 16, 2016

2 Carlisle #17

This week went by so fast! I feel like I was just emailing yesterday! I think I'm going to have to open my planner to see what we actually did!

Monday, Pday.

Tuesday, we had district meeting which was good. We talked about teaching repentance. We talk a lot about the doctrine of what repentance is, so we focused on how we can teach that more effectively. When we got back from that (we held it in Workington, about an hour away) we went tracting, in a really nice area. We had an appointment fall through, And we taught Rxxxxx about Prophets! We had our ward mission leader with us, who was a great addition. The highlight of the lesson is when Rxxxxx said that she believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet! She did say that she wasn't to sure about the Book of Mormon though.

Wednesday. We did some gardening, for service, We knocked more doors, had another appointment fall through, then had an appointment with a lady named Lxxx. It was alright, we didn't really get to teach much, she's going through a rough time, and our fellowshipper was super talkative. We talked about finding answers to our questions in the Book of Mormon.

Thursday. We had weekly planning. It was a nice day, nearly got pooped on by a bird. Had an appointment with Jxxxx! Jxxxx is a member's friend who we met when we dropped by this member. She hadn't been out to church for a while. But we started chatting with Jxxxx and since then he has come to church twice! and she has been 3 times! So things are going really well with working with them, We are really excited! We also taught Rxxxxx again. We talked about the Book of Mormon. It went really well. in between visits she had read the testimony of Joseph Smith about the Book of Mormon and now believes that it is from God!

Friday, We tracted for hours. and found a nice lady named Jxxxx! We'll be meeting with her later this week, and we are super excited for it! Jxxxx is super genuine and the nicest person ever. We had a dinner appointment with the Bxxxxxx, a great family, and street contacted for a bit!

Saturday. Lots more tracting, another lesson with Rxxxxx, again, it was good. There was a branch activity that we went to with Rxxxxx that night as well, which was really fun.

And on Sunday we had church!

During planning on Saturday night, we opened with a prayer, and the thought came to my mind that we should go to Penrith, an area about 1/2 hour away by car. I didn't want to do that because of the travel time that it would take so I pushed it aside. We planned for what we would do, then closed with a prayer, presenting our plans to the Lord and asking if they need to be adjusted to let us know. After the prayer I felt super strongly that we should go to Penrith again, so I mentioned it to Elder Pxxxxxx and he said that he'd been thinking the same thing the whole time. So we re-planned, choosing a few new streets to tract. Well we drove over and on the way nearly got in a car accident, a big white van tried to overtake a bicyclist on a skinny windy road right as we rounded the corner. I hit the brakes and drove partway into a field, so there isn't any incident there, but back to the story. We did our tracting in Penrith, met a few nice people, but didn't find any new friends. It felt good though. I know we were supposed to speak to those people who we did, and I know it made a difference in their life. I don't believe that we would be sent to an area like that for no purpose. We will go back and tract the streets we choose but didn't get to.

So that's me!
Have a great week! Thanks for your prayers!

Love, Elder Olsen

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