Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2 Carlisle #19

Good morning!

It's been a great week in Carlisle! For the big news of the week, I am staying in Carlisle for my last 5 weeks, but Elder Pxxxxxx will be leaving! ☹️ my new companion will be Elder Fxxxxxxxx. I don't know much about him, we've always been in opposite ends of the mission, but it should be really good! We have some really good things happening in Carlisle, things are going better than I've ever seen on my mission. Elder Fxxxxxxxx and I are going to keep that going and make things happen!

As far as my week goes, on Tuesday we had district meeting and then exchanges after. I was with Elder Gxxxx from my group, and Elder Pxxxxxx was with Elder Jxxxxx, from my group. We had such a great time together! One of the highlights was driving through the Lake District on the way to Carlisle. We saw beautiful scenery. So we got permission to take photos. It was amazing.

Elder Pxxxxxx and I were able to teach so many lessons this week! We had lots of success with everything that we did! Not one of our appointments this week fell through. That's amazing. Our appointments were super great as well! Some of them lead to new investigators too! We've just had a really good week.

A few weeks ago Elder Pxxxxxx and I were tracting and met a lady named Axx. She invited us back but never set up a specific time with us. We were prompted to go back to her on a whim, found her in, and set up an appointment with her. She lives on her own so we made arrangements for Elder Hxxxxxxx to come with us. When we got to the appointment we were shocked to see someone else that we knew! Axx's daughter Lxxxxx is someone else that we had found ages ago who had also said we could come back! So we were able to teach them the restoration and have an appointment to go back tomorrow! It's going to be super good! It's amazing to see the Lord's hand organizing this work. Things are literally falling into place, I've honestly never seen things like this on my mission. We taught Rxxxxx many times this week. We've found her biggest concern and have been working on addressing it. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and that this is the true church. But she struggles with feeling good enough. She knows it is a life long commitment and she wants to be true to it. We've given her every answer there is, and we are working towards a baptismal date of the 18 June. She is sooo close!

Elder Gxxxx and I found several new people on the exchange that we went on, looking forward to meeting up with them and working with them.

(writing this several hours the other part)
I've met Elder Fxxxxxxxx now, and it's going to be a good transfer. He's from Sparks Nevada and has been out for about 15 months. He plays a lot of Beach volleyball and longboards. I'm excited but I'm going to miss Elder Pxxxxxx. We got along so well, and we worked really hard. We had lots of fun together and saw miracles. I guess it's time to see those miracles with Elder Fxxxxxxxx now!

Today was transfers, so Elder Pxxxxxx and I drove to Chorley where we caught the coach with other missionaries to Manchester where we met our new companions. After a short training and some mingling we headed back up, loaded up the car and headed north! And now here we are sending emails off!

I guess that will be it for me today, I still have a few emails to send off. Thank you all so much for your emails. They mean so much to me. I feel your love and encouragement. Thank you for the support you have given me.

Love from England,

Elder Olsen

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