Monday, June 6, 2016

2 Carlisle #20


It's been a crazy week in Carlisle! But I guess if it's not crazy it's not Carlisle! This week finished off our 7 week transfer and started our 5 week transfer! And with the new transfer came a new companion! I'm still in Carlilse, meaning that I began and will end my mission here! My new companion is Elder Fxxxxxxxx from Sparks (and Vegas) Nevada. He loves beach volleyball, doesn't eat very much, and has been out for 16 months. True to his home state, he was wearing gloves the other day, at the same time I was temped to take off my jacket! But we get along well and he will be a great final companion. I'm doing my very best to stay focused on my mission, and that's going really well. We have good things going here which really helps.

We had a flat inspection this week, and we passed with flying colours, but unfortunately despite my attempts to disguise our weed garden by calling it a "Japanese garden with rare specimens" we got a slap on the wrist and told to do service for ourselves and weed the garden. So we did the front as fast as possible then went out finding again. I guess we need to do that back garden as well. But that will be later.

Rxxxxx is getting interview for baptism on Wednesday, which we are so excited for. She is so committed and is the most solid recent convert ever. And she isn't even baptised yet! She is such a kingdom builder. She has changed so much since we first started working with her. She is so much more happy and confident! The spirit is in her home. And even the dog is feeling it! After 2 1/2 months of seeing Rxxxxx several times a week, the dog let me pet it. And then it ran away.

I wish I could write more, but our p day has been shortened this week. So next week. Oh! Elder Oaks is coming to our mission on Saturday! So we have a full mission conference, and then the next day is the Preston stake conference, and Elder Oaks will be presiding at that as well! It only took me 23 months of being a missionary to see an apostle!

So that's it from me! Have a great week!

Elder Olsen

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