Monday, June 20, 2016

2 Carlisle #22

Hello all!

I guess I'll start with the biggest news of the week! RXXXXX WAS BAPTIZED!!! It's so exciting! This is so great. It's things like this that make it all worth it. All those long hours spent in the rain, everyone who has ever degraded me or the church, this makes it all worth it. Sigh...

So! It has been a good week in Carlisle! For the most part. There were definitely some time that I would not classify as desirable, but like I said, it's worth it. I don't have loads of time today, It took some time to get my card reader to work, in the end I had to give up and use my companion's. So I will just send a few of the prominent events from this week.

Early this last week we had an exchange with the missionaries serving in Workington. They whitewashed in this transfer replacing the sisters who used to be there. So we brought Elder Cxxxx and Elder Cxxxx here to Carlisle. Quick note, Elder Cxxxx is French, and Elder Cxxxx is from Scotland. Elder Cxxxx has been on his mission for about 2 weeks. In total. He didn't go to the MTC. I went with him and Elder Fxxxxxxxx was with Elder Cxxxx. It was a very good exchange! Things went really well, we were able to help both of those Elders out. They are great missionaries and helped us too. The downside of this exchange is that I got a parking ticket on Wednesday morning for £60, so about $90. I think it was an unfair ticket so I've appealed it to try to get out of paying that kind of money. We'll find out soon what will happen with that. That really put a damper on the day, but we couldn't do anything about it so we moved on. We met several people who accepted return appointments but unfortunately none of them were able to happen. In Carlisle it is really easy to get a return appointment, the hard part is getting a second return appointment.

Another highlight is the ice cream cake that we made for Rxxxxx's baptism. It was oreo. And it was amazing. I was very pleased with that.

And the other highlight to mention here is Rxxxxx's baptism! Everything came together so smoothly, in fact, the whole process from finding Rxxxxx to getting her baptized was the epitome of working with the branch. The service was very simple, but it was lovely. The talks were great, the spirit was there really strongly, and Rxxxxx was happy. Everything went exactly according to plan.

It has been such a privilege to be able to work with Rxxxxx. She is amazing and has become one of my good friends. I have great memories of powerful moments while teaching her. Wonderful experience.

I think that's it for me today! Have a great week! Thanks for the support!

Love, Elder Olsen

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