Monday, June 27, 2016

2 Carlisle #23


Hey everyone!

It's been a great week! There have been a lot of things happening in the UK this last week, which has made things really exciting! It's been really fun to see the energy come into the city. For those of you who haven't heard, Britain has left the European Union. The lead up to that vote was lots of fun! Almost every day for a month we have been getting flyers through with our post telling us to vote leave or vote remain. People have been advocating their opinions in town centre and that occasionally leads to some interesting times when the opinions clash. But most of the excitement happened during the build up. The people in Carlilse don't seem to bothered that we've left, most of Carlisle voted to leave. If the vote went the other way I think we would've had more riots. On top of that the Prime Minister has stepped down. People complain about him all the time, but I think they would rather have him than the person who will replace him. The other excitement, the one people seem to care more about is the Euro Cup. This is one of the biggest football (soccer) tournaments for England, right behind the World Cup. England has done well in it so far, and they will play again tonight. We have to avoid the pubs and clubs when England plays, things get a bit fiery. It was especially bad when England played Wales.. It has been really exciting though, and it is such an easy conversation starter! It is so easy to ask people about the latest game and then move it into the Gospel. It's a huge blessing that this tournament is going on as I finish my mission.

I forgot my planner, so I can't remember a lot of specifics about this week, but I'll do my best to try and remember.

District meeting was cancelled this week, so we had some extra time to proselyte. Unfortunately a few of our investigators dropped us this week. It was a miracle family, so we were really disappointed. We had tracted into the mother and daughter separately and they both gave us the exact same response. And when we had an appointment with the mother, the daughter was their! But that is no more, at least for the time being. They said that they wanted to continue with what their ancestors followed. That it was letting down the family to change religion. So that stinks.

We had an exchange with the missionaries serving in Barrow. They both came to Carlisle, and I worked with Elder Jxxxxx for the last exchange of my mission. It was a blast! I've done several exchanges with him before and we are good friends so it was an appropriate way to finish my exchanges. While on exchange I was peed on by a dog... It was actually really funny. I started talking to a man named Fxxxxxx (Ailee, he's from Indonesia), he knew some of the members of the church here, so that connection was established and he started to walk away. But that was when Elder Fxxxxxxxx and Elder Lxxxxx burst out laughing. The way Elder Fxxxxxxxx tells the story is that he noticed the dog sniffing around my leg and thought something was going to happen. So he then had two options, warn me so I could move my leg, or tell another missionary so he could watch too. Unfortunately for me the second option was the choice! The good news is that after the dog peed on me he felt bad and stayed to talk to me so I was able to teach him a lesson and place a Book of Mormon!

Through the street display we met Cxxxxxxxx. Cxxxxxxxx is a new investigator! We've already met with her twice and she is progressing really well! She's 18 years old and I'm sure she'll get baptized. The lessons that we had with her were really good and she is excited to learn more. The only problem is that she leaves the country for a month this week. But we have permission to Skype her and teach her through Skype. So that will be good!

Here's some pictures, everyone likes pictures!

Me and the little devil....

This is what happens when England plays football... 

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